Common Dental Problems and Remedies

Dental health is not typically part of the priority list of families just trying to make ends meet. For them, they’d rather look for the cheapest food to have for the day than to find a dental lab that produces dental retainers. Or get a schedule for a dentist’s visit. Thus, it is not surprising that people lack awareness of common yet avoidable dental problems. Just like taking care of our physical health, prevention is better than cure when it comes to dental health.

Unfortunately, the limited information on proper dental care results in common problems that could have been avoided in the first place. We often consider brushing and flossing our teeth as dental care but there is more to it. As it is, knowing the most common dental problems can help you prevent or fix them even before they get worse. Here are some of them:

  • Sensitive teeth

    Teeth sensitivity is more common than you expect. It is the numbing dental pain you feel when nerves are easily affected by temperature, fluid, and air. There are a lot of reasons behind too much sensitivity, especially when eating cold or hot food. Some of them are exposure of the nerves, cracked tooth, or porous surface. This makes the treatment vary depending on the underlying cause. Though there are toothpaste brands that promise reducing sensitivity, treatment will only be effective if based on the cause. Thus, a dental checkup is needed.
  • Yellowish teeth

    Diet and smoking are common causes of yellowish teeth. If your teeth have the natural yellow undertone, that’s fine. Your pearly whites are not expected to be perfect. However, noticeable and embarrassing yellow color of teeth is typically caused by too much sugar on your diet, staining beverages like coffee and wine, and continuous smoking. Fortunately, there are teeth whitening treatments that you can avail when you see your dentist.
  • Cavities

    Advertisements usually mention cavities and how they can be prevented by using fluoride toothpaste. This is frequent advice for proper dental care because good oral hygiene can prevent them. Cavities are damages on teeth caused by acid, which is secreted by bacteria that feed on the left-over food in your mouth. Thus, the easy solution is to avoid feeding the bacteria to avoid cavities and keeping your oral health constantly in check.
  • Bad breath

    Also known as halitosis, bad breath is usually caused by postnasal drip, dry mouth, or bacteria on your tongue. Most dental problems are caused by bacteria that accumulate in the mouth, so taking care of your oral health can help prevent problems like bad breath. Addressing the causes of halitosis can help you maintain fresh breath. No, mint gums can’t truly freshen your breath; instead, use antihistamines for post nasal drip. The use of a tongue scraper is good to remove accumulated bacteria. You should also stay hydrated to keep your mouth moist and prevent bacteria buildup. These are simple things that you can do to keep your breath fresh.

These are common dental conditions, yet many still fail to avoid them. Despite the availability of products that can prevent them, people lack consistency in routine to look after their oral health. That said, proper dental care and hygiene don’t cut it for some. In cases of dental problems, you should seek professional help immediately. It doesn’t matter how painful or embarrassing your dental problem is; just pay your doctor a visit for a regular checkup and dental treatment.



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