Putting Health First: Being Your Personal Wellness Coach

As countries cope with the changes brought by the pandemic, protocols on quarantine and social distancing are getting more precise and more backed with science. That is opposed to the early months when everyone was testing if specific policies and practices were effective as they go along. Now, governments are in a balancing act to keep the virus from spreading while kickstarting the economy back to gear.

E-commerce is being touted as an alternative means of getting groceries and ordering necessities, whether it’s your go-to scalp therapy oil or food for your fur baby. Some important sectors like banks, restaurants, and service providers are also allowed to operate with safety measures.

However, such relaxed measures haven’t been extended to the fitness industry, particularly gyms and exercise studios. Many people are becoming vocal about their frustrations online since they don’t have access to trainers and the proper equipment needed to reach their body goals. While their dissent is understandable, the risk is still too great. As Time Magazine puts it, there are higher chances of infection in places where people gather in large numbers and touch shared objects.

At this time, it is only prudent to find alternatives in continuing one’s fitness journey at home. You can even take the first step in being your personal wellness coach, with the proper guidance and direction. Here are some initiatives you can consider:

Understanding your body type

It might be tempting to grab the nearest weights and get on with whatever workout you found on the internet. However, it’s never that simple, especially if you’re aiming to develop those highly coveted six-pack abs or get strong-man arms. The first thing anyone should do is to learn their body type, which can give an insight into the kind of workout and diet you need. It will also serve as your Day 1 baseline.

Body type is determined by the overall fat distribution in one’s system. That is because the numbers you see on the scale can be misleading. You can be within the healthy range of your body mass index but have a high body fat percentage. The opposite is also true, where your weight is bulky due to the muscle mass you’ve accumulated.

Arrange a consultation with a licensed trainer

If you’re still wary about doing things by yourself, you can always reach out to a licensed trainer. Many health professionals are shifting to telemedicine and online consultations to maintain their practice while social distancing. Some gyms are even offering free online workout sessions and nutrition plans. That is also a great way of supporting your local fitness centers and favorite trainers while they try to find a way forward in this pandemic.

Practicing proper posture

The best self-care and wellness practice they can do is maintaining proper posture, especially when everyone is sitting down more than usual. Living a sedentary lifestyle can leave the body in unnatural positions as it tries to compensate by tightening and losing muscles that shouldn’t be in that form. One of the biggest victims of bad posture is the spine. Its integrity and natural shape are compromised, which will lead to chronic pain and aches. Standing up every 10 minutes for an hour of work can help give your body a break it needs from sitting down for a long time.

With gyms being closed for an extended period, everyone is encouraged to take their fitness journeys in their hands. They can do that by understanding their body type, getting in touch with a professional trainer, and being mindful of their posture.



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