Promixx: Shaking up the Mixing Market

We’ve all been there, either on a fitness kick or just re-jigging our meal plans and wanted to add a little more protein into our diet through supplements. The common go-to is the classic ball whisk shaker bottle. I’ve owned a few and I’m sure you’re no stranger to them either. Whilst they serve a purpose, could there be a better alternative to these ancient bits of kit? Well yes, actually there is. Enter the Promixx MiiXR+ Stealth.

The who’s and what’s

If you didn’t already see my previous review of Promixx’s previous model of their patented vortex mixer, then you may not be aware of the power that these mixers possess. Nor the quality that is crafted into each model.

In their own words Promixx find themselves:

“In a saturated market full of poor quality, poor functioning, ‘me too’ products, PROMiXX® cut through the noise! A no-nonsense product that lived up to its promise: a premium solution for the growing demands of health food and supplement-users. 

Promixx MiiXR+ Stealth model

As a long-time user of their products I can attest to the fact that their mixers blow the competitors out of the water. Both for build quality and performance. Promixx kindly sent over their Promixx MiiXR+ Stealth as a very welcomed upgrade upon my previous model.

How do I use the Promixx mixer?

Personally, I like to think of myself as someone that stays active. Not that two months of lock-down and marathon sessions of playing FIFA 20 will provide much backing for. But once the gyms open back up over here in Norway on June 15, I’ll be sure to get back to the level I was at before the lock-down madness.

Training is a huge part of success in the fitness world. But maintaining optimal nutrition whilst doing so is also no secret. Some may argue that nutrition may be more important as it does provide the raw materials for your body to repair, recover and build muscle – as well as everything else.

As someone who implements supplements into my nutritional plan, I need something that will cut through thick protein powers and make mince-meat of intra-workout BCAA blends. This is where Promixx has excelled for me. Sure, I could use the classic ball whisk bottle, but who wants a workout before their work-out? Plus, the likelihood of still ending up with clumps of protein both shaking with these types of shakers is pretty high. Meanwhile, the Promixx creates a vortex which effortlessly blends the supplements with water or milk and requires no awkward arm-jerking movements to get the blend on! Simply press the button and you’re away.

Other uses and conveniences

While the Promixx MiiXR+ Stealth prides itself of being a blending beast, it still has other functionalities and uses which may come as a surprise.

the Stealth model comes in an aesthetic all-black colourway. It also utilizes ultra-tough, odor-resistant materials and even has device charging capabilities through its built-in rechargeable battery that comes with a micro-USB.

Promixx MiiXR+ Stealth Breakdown

Blending will probably be your main port of call for the mixer. But the portability of the product means you can bring it along to class, work or even the gym for your pre/intra/post workout needs. The model also includes a handy NUTRiPOD. This pod allows you to safely and securely store supplements that you may require later on in the day. This means that you can wave goodbye to pre-mixing drinks at home in the morning and having to face the lumpy mess by lunchtime.

The verdict

If you’re in the market for a mixing monster, then look no further. Promixx is trusted by athletes worldwide to meet their supplement mixing needs. As relating to a five-time Mr Olympia winner may not be an easy task for most, I have given this honest write-up as your average Joe who likes to stay active, fit and healthy and I can recommend the Promixx MiiXR+ whole-heartedly!

Brb, off to make some vortex pools with my BCAAs.



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