Haircare 101: Tips to Keep Your Hair Feeling Fresh

Whether you’re a man or woman, old or young, your hair is an important part of your life if you’re someone who sees it as something that shapes and styles your look and facial features. However, hair can be vulnerable, and if it’s not looked after properly, you risk damaging it to the point where it starts to fall out or thin. Here are some tips to look after your hair.

Don’t Wash It So Often

Washing your hair is important in order to keep it clean and smelling fresh. However, your hair produces a lot of natural oils of its own accord, and this is what can keep your hair nourished and healthy. When you’re washing your hair too often or with harsh shampoos and conditioners, it’s eventually going to strip out all that natural goodness that you’re after to help keep your hair healthier for longer. If you’re someone who showers every day, avoid getting your hair wet or washing it constantly. Aim for 2-3 times a week when it comes to washing your hair. Any more and it will definitely start to impact the health of your hair over time. Dry shampoo can be a temporary solution if you’re someone who likes to have clean and fresh-looking hair. It’s also helpful if your hair is prone to being more oily after only washing it twenty-four hours ago. Try to avoid washing it any more than you need to because otherwise, you’ll likely regret it.

Take Preventative Measures

There are plenty of preventative measures you can take, like these hair loss tips. Using too many hair tools and products can contribute to ruining the hair, and certain hair styling can do damage to your hair if you’re not careful. Think about your diet and what you’re eating or more so the bad habits like drinking and smoking can both have an impact on how healthy your hair looks. There are more extreme measures that you can go to in the way of surgical procedures and medication. Always ensure that you’ve spoken to a doctor or that you do plenty of research behind these procedures. The reason being is that it can be something you might want to not go ahead with if there are side effects or the results aren’t something that are going to fix the problem.

Try To Use Less Heat

Heat is never a good thing for your hair, and just like your skin, it can be vulnerable if exposed to too much of it. When styling your hair with heated tools like a hairdryer or a straightener, always apply a heat protectant. This can be helpful in adding an extra barrier to your hair, which you may want to use in order to protect it from burning. Consider how much you use heated tools on a weekly or monthly basis and try to cut down where you can if it’s a bit excessive. When it comes to drying your hair, try to sometimes let it dry naturally so that you’re not exposing it to too much unnecessary heat. 

Be Gentle With It

Hair is something you want to be gentle with because it can easily break, especially if it’s weak from overuse on heat or too much washing or bleaching of the hair over a period of time. Treat it with care, whether that’s washing it in the shower, combing a brush through it to detangle or drying it with a towel. Don’t be too rigorous, otherwise you might see a lot more breakage as a result, which is not what you want. Be patient when it comes to your hair!

Get A Regular Cut

A haircut can help your hair grow much quicker, but it’s also good to maintain your style and to feel good in yourself. A trip to the barbers is a self-care treat, and it’s important to go regularly in order to keep it the way you like it. Your hair will feel a lot more healthy if it gets a regular cut as opposed to having it done once in a blue moon. Treat yourself more often and try to go once every few weeks to a month if possible.

Looking after your hair is something on your body that you can help to care for and maintain. For some it’s just a bit of attention, whereas the longer you have it, the more upkeep it will need. Try to avoid washing it constantly, get a regular haircut and be gentle with it.



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