The New Year Health Kick: 5 Tips For Newbies

If you’re thinking about getting fit and healthy in 2020, you are not alone. The start of a new decade is the perfect time to finally regain control of your body and life. For many people, though, starting this journey without a strategy will lead to a very steep downfall.

Whether a complete newbie or returning to fitness after a long absence, these simple tips will keep you on the right track.

#1. Make It Fun

Everyone enters the health kick process in the hope of a quick transformation. In reality, though, this needs to be a lifestyle commitment. If you hate the exercises and strategies used to get fit, you will inevitably give them up. Whether it comes from playing sports, getting competitive with a friend, or working out while watching TV is up to you. When fitness becomes a positive part of your life rather than a chore, you’ll see better long-term results. Even if the process is slower, it’s a step in the right direction.

#2. Don’t Take On Too Much Too Soon

With one eye still on the desire for quick results, many newbies fall into the trap of doing too much. Sadly, this can lead to injuries, lost motivation, and other issues. Therefore, making the routines a little easier on your body makes sense. An electric bike can be a great asset for regular cyclists. Meanwhile, those using gym workouts can incorporate longer breaks between sets. This is before working towards intensified routines. Either way, remember that it’s a marathon rather than a sprint.

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#3. Ignore The Scales

If weight loss is your main goal (like most people), you need to stop focusing on the scales. Returning to exercise will build muscle, which will counteract the weight lost from fat burning. However, muscle is denser than fat, so you’ll still gain a better physique. It’s possible to drop a shirt size without dropping pounds. Unless you’re an athlete, hitting a goal weight is far less important than feeling happy with the reflection in the mirror. You won’t see the changes, so do take photos throughout the journey.

#4. Master Nutrition

While it can take several months to reach the fitness levels you desire, there’s no reason why you should get healthy eating wrong. Increasing your daily water intake is easy. Slow cookers and other devices allow you to cook healthy food without huge investments of time and money. When supported by an education into pre and post-workout nutrition, success is assured. This is just as important as mastering the role of exercise, and can be achieved with far quicker results.

#5. Enjoy It

Finally, it’s good to have drive and focus. Nonetheless, the main purpose of healthy living is to increase your quality of life. It would be very foolish to overlook the need to enjoy this to the max. Whether it’s taking a holiday that allows you to stay fit or being more active with the grandkids doesn’t matter. We all have a purpose for wanting to get into shape during 2020 and beyond. As long as you remember to give this the attention it deserves, the transformation will leave you smiling. This increased happiness is the best reward of all.



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