Asket: Unraveling the Thread |From Sheep to Sweater

If you’ve been hiding under a rock, you may not be familiar with Asket. They pride themselves on providing sustainable, transparent and affordable menswear – with zero compromise on quality.

On the journey of ultimate transparency, Asket decided to delve into the wool supply chain. As a result, they developed their 100% traceable Merino Wool Collection. The collection features woolen favourites like the polo shirt, the roll neck sweater and the beanie hat.

The origin of the raw material

Merino wool, believe it or not, comes from Merino sheep. Their fleece is soft, breathable and temperature regulating. This material makes for an ideal versatile garment. The industry standard for Merino wool is to buy mixtures of farmers wool based by grading. Asket took their time and carefully selected a single farm in Australia. The farm met their high standards and they invested in the wool. This was a crucial step to eradicate any question marks in the sourcing of the material.

Implementing merino wool into a Nordic lifestyle

If you’re keeping up with my journey over in Norway, you should be aware that I am now situated on the West Coast of Norway. More specifically, in Bergen. The city is warmer (if you can say that) than its northern counterparts. But we are still exposed to the weather. Think blistering winds and the occasional blizzard around Christmas time.

With the versatility of Merino wool, involving these garments into my AW19 wardrobe has been effortless and welcomed with open arms. The material is warm, yet breathable. Thanks to the super-fine make up of the wool, there is minimal scratching which is commonly associated with other types of harsher wool.

I kindly received the roll neck sweater in Charcoal and the Crew neck T-shirt in Off-White. Both from Asket’s Merino wool collection. This is how I styled the garments with a close eye on the falling temperatures:

If you would like to learn more about Asket and their sustainability efforts be sure to check out their website which I will leave here for you!


*This article contains gifted items from Asket. However, all opinions are my own and have not been influenced in this partnership.


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