How To Choose The Perfect Suit For You

When you’re investing money in a good suit; you’ll want to choose the perfect one for you. You might be a real fashionista and really know how to put together an outfit, yet suits are a little trickier to get right than jeans and T-shirts. There are a few considerations you’ll want to make to ensure that you find the perfect suit for you. 

Get yourself tailored 

It doesn’t matter if you find the most beautiful suit out there; if it’s ill-fitting it’s going to do nothing for you. It’s a good idea to measure yourself for a suit before you start shopping. When you’re in a store, you’ll be able to find something that fits you, yet there’s a real difference between a ‘fit’ and a perfect fit. Now the perfect fit can generally only be achieved by buying a suit in your size and then getting it tailored to improve the fit. A good tailor will able to work with you on adjusting the suit to your body type and style. Better still, you could go the whole way and get a custom made suit to start with. 

Go custom made 

 If you want to choose the perfect suit for you, then you can’t go wrong with a custom made suit. Plenty of guys think that when it comes to custom suits made for men– you need to have a huge budget. The thing is though; there are companies out there that will work with a range of budgets, so finding something affordable isn’t out of the question. What’s more, you can really think of a custom made suit as an investment. You’ll be getting something durable that could last you for years. You’ll get the perfect fit and have something that’s customized exactly to your style, fit and design. 

Choosing the fabric 

Before you start suit shopping, consider the fabric that you prefer. Wool has always been a pretty popular choice for suits. Wool suits are aesthetically pleasing, soft to touch and do not wrinkle easily throughout the day. Cashmere suits are regarded as a luxury material for those who are looking for something a little special. Cashmere suits can sometimes have a bit of a sheen to them (some like this and some don’t-it depends on your taste). Linen suits are perfect for those summer occasions when you want to look smart without breaking a sweat. The downside with linen suits is that these suits crease easily. 

Choosing the patterns 

Patterned suits aren’t the right look for everyone; it’s best to try on a few different options and get the opinions of your tailor or friends. When it comes to a striped suit, you’ll want to decide which kind of stripes work best for you. Pinstripes are very narrow and can help to create a taller look for the body. Chalk stripes more further apart compared with pinstripes. Sometimes chalk stripes can make a guy appear bigger than they are (because of the spacing of the stripes). It’s best to try on both to determine which suits you best. Some prefer a plain suit without patterns and rather to focus on a bold colour. Royal blue can be a great go-to for a suit colour. It stands out without being too wacky or ostentatious. Once you’ve found a suit you love the next job on your list is to accessorize your suit!  



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