How To Best Prep For Your Driving Test

So you’ve got your driving test coming up, and you want to pass with flying colours. If you’ve booked your test it’s likely that you feel ready. Regardless, many factors can affect the outcome of the day. For those looking for some driving test-prep advice, read on.

Calm your nerves 

You might be a great driver, but the fact is many of us get nervous before a big test. Nerves can affect your performance and make you slip up. While some nerves are totally normal, you’ll want to reduce anxiety as much as you can. Many people find it useful to take some calming supplements the night before the test. Magnesium, for instance, can help to calm the mind and aid sleep. You’ll want to get a good night’s sleep before the test, so why not try a magnesium supplement or some chamomile tea. Exercises like meditation and yoga can also assist in relaxing the body and the mind. Practice some great self-care in the lead up to the test so that you feel amazing; both mentally and physically. 

Reduce the wait time

Sometimes the waiting game just makes you even more nervous! Unfortunately, there’s often a long wait between the time that you book your test and the date that you take it. To speed up the process and get an earlier test, look at sites like Find me a driving test. Once you register, you’ll receive notifications when there have been driving test cancellations. Such cancellations can mean that you may get to take your test sooner. 

Learn the routes 

If you know the test centre, then you might be able to accustom yourself to the area and the routes. Often, when you’re driving in an unfamiliar area, the process can become all that more daunting. If you get familiar with the area and the routes in advance, you’ve got more chance of performing better and feeling less anxious too.

 One last practice 

It’s a good idea to have one last practice with your instructor before you have your test. You can do this the day before. Go over any last-minute rules, questions or manoeuvres. Clarify anything that’s still confusing to you (this will be your last chance to improve before the big day)! Ask your instructor about the most frequent mistakes that people make during their driving tests. If you know the problem areas, you can best prepare yourself for success. 

 Revise your theory 

 It may have been a while back that you took your theory test. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to revise your theory book and check your knowledge. You won’t want to get caught out on any impracticalities that could have been avoided. Recap the basics and ensure that the rules are fresh in your mind.

Remember, as long as you put in the practice hours and try your best, that’s all that matters. Remain positive and call upon any friends who’ve taken the test for some advice. Always ask your test instructor to clarify anything about the test that you don’t understand. Asking questions along the way is better than making silly mistakes.  



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