How to Take Time to Look After Your Skin

We’re all leading busier lives than ever, and the inevitable by-product of this is stress. In some situations, mild stress can actually be useful as a performative tool, but when it comes to our appearance, it’s usually a bad thing. You may be the sharpest dressed in the room, but if you have dull, creased skin and puffy eyes you aren’t going to look the part. Too much stress showing on your skin is highly aging and deeply unattractive – but the good news is that you can mitigate the damage with a solid skincare routine. A few simple steps at the beginning and end of your day can make a huge difference and have you back looking on top form in no time. 

Take Care Of Cleansing

The days of a quick wash with bar soap are rightfully long gone, so if you still haven’t upped your cleansing game you’re missing a trick. Making sure your face is properly clean is the first step toward fighting aging and having any other products you choose to use absorb properly, so pick a good quality cleanser. It doesn’t matter if you work in an office or even in an extremely dirty environment such as a Diesel Repair Shop or even outdoors, a good cleanser for men should be at the root of your self-care to strip away dirt, oils and pollutants. Choose a gentle formula which doesn’t dry out the skin. 

Don’t Go Cheap On Razors 

Whether you’re taking care of a beard and only tidying or going for a clean shave each day, you should never cheap out on your razor. Choose one which matches your needs on skin sensitivity and the coarseness of your facial hair, and if you’re not using an electric razor make sure you change the blade regularly to keep getting a close and comfortable shave. Choose a Moisturising shave gel which provides a layer of protection, and take your shave after your shower in the morning when hairs are softer and pores are more open from the heat and steam. 

Select A Moisturiser 

A quality moisturiser is a must to keep skin hydrated, and you looking prepped and ready for action. Look for some key ingredients – Hyaluronic Acid plumps up tired looking skin and helps it retain moisture all day, while antioxidants like Vitamin C are key for fighting environmental damage that can cause the skin to age prematurely – think of them as your first line of defence against tired, old looking skin. You should also look for a formula which contains a broad spectrum sunscreen with a high factor. Sun damage is the main environmental cause of ageing and damage to the skin but is easily prevented with a good quality facial sunscreen – not to mention reducing your risk of skin cancer. So choose a formula which offers protection and an attractive, hydrated finish. A hard working moisturiser will perform all of these functions in one swipe, so adding this extra step to your morning routine can really pay off 



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