Recent Favourites – April/May/June ’19

It’s been a while since I did a monthly favourites post, and almost as long since I sat down and wrote an article about myself. I’ve picked up, received and been gifted a lot of cool gear in the past few months. I wanted to highlight some of them within this post to share with you.

*Some items in the list are gifted but the fact they made it into my list means that these opinions are my own!

Raf Simons x Fred Perry Polo

With summer on the approach, a white polo is a must. I’ve never actually owned a Fred Perry polo but I’ve always fancied one. After spotting the collab with Raf Simons, I had to grab one. I actually found this one on Depop for pretty cheap – which is a bonus. Two iconic names, one polo. This will be getting a lot of usage once it warms up.

Tread by Everlane Sneakers

The masters of transparency have stepped into (lol) the footwear scene. With their new Tread range, Everlane have produced a sneaker that is both stylish and eco-friendly. With recycled materials, sustainably sourced leather and packaging that dissolves in water, you can’t ask for much more. I received two pairs on a gifting basis, one in the off-white colourway and one in the pale pink. I’ve found them very comfortable and so easy to match up with most outfits. Stay tuned to my Instagram for more fits featuring them.

Puggerinos Hair Cream

Created in Liverpool, Puggerinos is a brand looking to shape (and style) their way into your hair routine. I received a pot of the supreme cream and have used it daily ever since. The hold is very strong yet reworkable throughout the day. The fragrance on it is pleasing too. Plus there’s a pug on the tub, how could you not want one?

Alphalete Gymwear

I made the step into purchasing an Alphalete shirt for the gym this month. I loved the design which reminded me of an Off-White print I’d seen in the past. The fit is perfect, and lets me do weighted chin-ups without the shirt riding up my midriff unlike other gym tees I have. The quality is soft and comfortable yet fitted in the right places. Definitely worth a look if you’re looking to step your gym attire game up.

Lush Skincare

As pointed out by The Man Blueprint, Lush isn’t just for females, us guys can reap the benefits of their various ranges they have to offer – that’s what I have been doing this month! Firstly, I picked up their ‘Sleepy’ body cream which helps you drift off to sleep with ease due to their injection of natural lavender fragrance. It also makes your skin shine with glitter – something I did not know before purchasing but It’s not going to kill me. Next, I’ve also been using their soaps for a while now, I used to be a shower gel guy, but in a search for more natural alternatives I’ve landed here and I’m not looking back.

As always, any new bits I pick up will most likely be flaunted on my Instagram page so be sure to check that out!

– Jack


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