The Essential Luxury Watch Accessory: Barrington

*This article contains a gifted item, however all views are completely my own.

One of the most common tips given to men to up their style game is to ensure they own and wear a watch. If you have this dialled in then you’re already on to a winner. However, some gents may want to take this to the next level and step into the luxury watch market. Brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Breitling are all front-runners and produce some of the world finest wrist wear. But these expensive pieces of kit require maintenance and some TLC to keep them running smoothly. This is where Barrington comes in.

What is an automatic watch?

Many of these watches are automatic, which means they have many cogs and springs inside them that should be kept moving to ensure optimal performance. Much like a car, it benefits from a greater usage. Automatic watches run on the energy generated through the wearers natural movements meaning no batteries are needed.

How can Barrington help with your automatic watch?

As I mentioned, keeping your watch in top condition requires frequent usage. For those who do not wear their watch on a daily or even frequent basis, the option of having a watch winder is one of the best you have. This is because a Barrington watch winder can ensure your watch stays accurate and up-to-date whilst not wearing it. It also cares for the watch by taking into consideration the required TPD (turns per day) based on the weight of the watch – which you can set manually. The winding process can also be set to occur during the day or night, based on whichever is more convenient for yourself.

How does it look?

I received their single winder in the Shadow Black colour way. It is sleek, modern and fits well into almost any home/work setting. I placed this on my bedroom shelves, but this would look great in your office either at work or a home study. The single winders come in a range of colours, black, white or grey if you want to keep it more minimal, or for the more adventurous types, they offer colours like orange, yellow and green. There is also a wide range of special edition winders which come in textured colours like Oak, American Walnut and my personal favourite, Ebony Macassar.

Their range also covers double and multi watch winders should you have yourself a collection of automatics. The winders would make for a perfect gift for someone who owns an automatic watch or even a treat for yourself. With a minimal design and quiet running motor, I can’t find a fault with them.  

Be sure to check out their website and give them a follow on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with their competitions, special offers and more!



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