How To Get The Most Value Out Of Your New Motorcycle

Motorcycles are commonly seen as vehicles for the speed demons of the world. They’re viewed as adrenaline pumping machines that are only good for one thing; speeding down long stretches of road.

As such, many people think they’re not a smart investment. It’s seen as a waste of money as you don’t really get a lot of value out of a motorcycle compared to a car that you can use every day. But, this couldn’t be further from the truth! These vehicles can be extremely valuable, and this guide will show you how to squeeze every last drop of value out of your new ride.

Don’t Forget To Service It Every Year

You need to take your bike in for regular maintenance every year. Or, if you ride it a lot, every 4,000 – 6,000 miles on the clock. For most people, a year will pass before you hit that range, which is why it’s generally considered the timeframe for maintenance. The benefits of doing this are obvious; you keep your bike in the best shape possible. By taking it to a mechanic, they can look at all the different bits and pieces that you probably didn’t even know existed. They’ll tell you how ‘healthy’ your bike is, and if there are any nagging issues you need to fix.

Maintenance is essential as it’s the best way to stop damages from happening. It’s so common for someone to spot that your motorcycle has a slight issue while servicing it. From here, they recommend repairs or replacements, which prevents the issue from spiraling into something hazardous and costly. It’s not unheard of for someone to leave a small problem that develops into something so big that their bike is mostly dead. Regular servicing from a legitimate bike mechanic will help prevent issues like this.

Use It Regularly

There’s no point buying a motorcycle is you aren’t going to use it regularly. Sure, it’s not ideal for city driving, but I’d argue that cars are far from perfect too. If you live in a busy town/city with lots of narrow roads and traffic, then you don’t really need a vehicle to get around!

Instead, you should make an effort to actually go out and use your bike for what it’s made for; long journeys on vast stretches of road. Plan road trips with friends, or just go out on the weekends for a nice long ride all by yourself. If you live far away from work, then it can easily be your daily mode of transport. The more you ride your bike, the more you realize that it’s genuinely very practical. Make use of all the unique features of having a motorcycle as well – like being able to weave through traffic and make your way to the front of a queue.


You’ll soon find that riding your motorcycle every day will get you from A to B a lot quicker than any other mode of transport. Plus, there was a fantastic point I read on that spoke about how it helps clear your mind. Riding your motorcycle demands more concentration than driving a car, so you don’t have time to think about any trivial things that may bother you in life! Technically, this means you get more personal value out of your motorcycle too.

Make Multiple Modifications

The beauty of motorbikes is that they can be modified in so many ways. Now, we’re not talking about stupid mods that you tend to see on cars. There are no subwoofers built into the back of your bike, no flashy suspension, and no weird gearbox that makes a whooshing noise whenever you change gear. Here, it’s all about practical modifications that will improve your bike’s performance and make it last longer.

I posted an article not too long ago about why a motorcycle could be right for you. I advise checking it out as I went through a few mods you can make as well. These included air filters to keep the engine healthy, a better suspension to handle the weight of regular rides, and more. Another thing I didn’t mention is an engine guard. Mainly, this modification protects your engine from debris and other foreign objects. Therefore, it prevents damages and keeps your bike in the best condition possible.

With modifications, you get more value out of your bike as it will last longer and stay in a better state.

Sell It When You’re Done

When you’ve used your motorcycle for many years – or if you’ve just run out of love with it – then don’t leave it in your garage to collect dust. Sell it on, and you can reclaim some of the initial money you spent on it. There are sites like where you can get cash offers for bikes, and it makes sense to do this if you’ve outgrown your bike. It’s baffling how many people will hold onto a vehicle that they no longer use – they do it with cars as well. The longer you have something that’s not got a purpose in your life, the faster its value will decrease. So, after the many years of riding your beast, don’t forget to sell it when you’re done.


To add to this point, you will boost the value of your motorcycle by following the tips laid out before this! Servicing your bike every year and making practical modifications will help keep your bike in tip-top shape. So, when the time comes to sell, you can earn a little bit extra, which just means you got even more value out of the motorcycle.

For me, getting value out of something is all about making sure you use it for as long as possible. With a motorcycle, you can do this with ease. As I mentioned earlier, start using it regularly – every day, if possible. This instantly makes it more cost-effective as it serves a regular purpose in your life. Maintenance and modifications go a long way to extending its lifespan, which just builds more value. Then, when you want to buy a new bike or don’t use this one anymore, you need to sell it to regain some of the cash you spent on it over the years!



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