Handy Tips For First Time Cyclists

Now that the spring is around the corner a lot of us are looking for new hobbies and new ways to get fit and stay fit. Cycling is a wonderful way to get fit in 2019 and it can also be a great activity to anot st the weekend with friends and family. If you are new to the world of cycling and are looking to take it up this year, here are some of our top tips for you.

Get a good bike

This might seem super obvious for most of us and it is largely something which is we would do anyway, but getting a good quality bike is essential. There are more than one type of bike which you can buy, and depending on the type of cycling you plan to do, you could need a different Custom Designed Cycling Kit for this. Make sure you know what you are looking at when buying a bike and ask someone for advice to make sure you get the best one for you.

Protect your head

By now it should be common sense for you to wear a helmet when you are cycling here and there, but we are going to tell you anyway. Be sure that you buy yourself a good quality helmet for you bike when you are about to set off on a ride, and make sure that your head it as protected as it can be. If you ever fall off your bike or crash this will be what protects you and stops you from hurting yourself.

Use the gears

Those little dials on your handlebars are more than just numbers, these are gears of your bike and they help you to ride at different speeds and in different conditions. Using your gears is always important as it will help you to maintain a healthy pace whether you are riding uphill, downhill or on the road.

Get a comfy seat

It might seem as if you get what you are given when you choose a bike, but in fact you at able to choose your saddle seat separately to suit you. There’s nothing worse than getting a numb bum from riding a bike for an hour and it can make it hard for you to walk afterwards. Make sure to choose a bike seat which is comfortable for you and suits your riding style.

Don’t wear headphones

It might be tempting when you head off for a bike ride to do the same as you would on a run, however a bike is a vehicle and it is more dangerous than running on the road. Riding a bike can be dangerous for you and those around you if you don’t pay attention which is why you should think about ditching the headphones all together. This will allow you to pay full attention to the road as you go along and it will allow you to ride safely in public.



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