The Valentine’s Wishlist

Have you ever been given a gift on Valentine’s Day that you absolutely hate? Have you had to smile and nod at the other person, hiding the disappointment? If you have then you know just how this feels and it isn’t fun.
So, what can you do about it? The last thing that you will want to do is hurt the feelings of the other person, but does this mean that you have to put up with rubbish gifts? The answer is no. Why not give them a gentle push in the right direction by giving them a Valentine’s wish list that they can use to inspire them to buy you the perfect gift.

Your favourite beer

Gifts for beer lovers are relatively easy to figure out as you will see if you click here. But there is no harm helping them along the way. Do you have a favourite beer? If you do, then make sure that you let them know that this is the one that you would prefer. Not only does this mean that you can enjoy your present, but also that they will find it easier to get you one.

A grooming kit

Are you the type of guy who likes to take care of the way that they look? Perhaps you take time over your hair or maybe you have a glorious beard that needs to be treated with care? If this is true for you, then you might want to add a decent grooming kit to your Valentine’s gift list. Make sure that it has everything that you need in it, as well as perhaps being easy to carry around which means that you can transport everything around that you need.

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An experience day

Who doesn’t love the chance to get out of the house and have some fun? Why not add an experience day to your Valentine’s day gift list? This could be something you do alone, something you do with the guys, or perhaps something that you do with your partner, from driving a Formula One car to jumping out of a plane. The important thing is that you can have the chance to make yourself some great memories.

Retro sweet hamper

We all love the idea of remembering just how amazing our childhood was. So, why not add a retro sweet hamper to your gift list? Not only is this a chance to walk down memory lane, but it also means that you can treat your sweet tooth and curb those sugary cravings. There are lots of different sweet hampers out there that you can buy, so make sure that you let them know what your favourite sweet treat is.

A good quality wallet

When it comes to buying for yourself, there are some things that get pushed to the end of the list. A good quality wallet is one of those things. So, if your wallet looks tattered and worn, then perhaps it might be a good idea to ask for a brand new one for Valentine’s Day. Just don’t expect them to put any money in it.

The best way to get the presents that you want is to make a list and share it. Why not try this out for Valentine’s Day and make sure that you love your gift as much as you love the other person?



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