12 Items of Christmas | A Wishlist

Highlighted picks:

The Alcohol Connoisseur 

The kind folks over at Ron de Jeremy have sent their spiced rum over for me to try, having had a tipple of the original version in the past this was a no-brainer and has gone straight on my wishlist. A must for any self-proclaimed rum fan.

The Traveller 

Looking for total care for your skin, face and hair on the go? Look no further, Murdock London have created the ‘Gentleman of Two Cities’ travel kit for all your travelling needs. It contains shampoo, body wash, texture paste and sea salt spray, which all smell great – and all come in luggage friendly sizes.

The Skincare Expert 

Minimal, sustainable, natural and works like a treat? Say no more, Dr Jackson’s have smashed it with their Coconut Melt. The all-purpose balm is great for dry-skin, cracked lips or tough hair. Plus the design aesthetic is friggin’ cool.

All products (left to right):

Ron de Jeremy Spiced rum*
Comme des Garcon x Converse Sneakers
Snake Plant
APC Duffel bag
White Company room spray
Murdock travel set*
Promixx iX-R
Elephant Box
Apple Airpods
Nike Vapormax
Dr Jackson’s Coconut Melt*
River Island suede bomber jacket

*Highlighted items sent on a gifting basis but were sourced for the article as I believe they deserve a place on the list.

– Jack

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