Christmas Partywear Accessories: Samuel Windsor

It’s that time again, my second Christmas as a self-titled ‘Blogger’, lots of things have changed for me in the past year but one that has remaining constant is my support for the people over at one of my favourite menswear brands, Samuel Windsor.

Once again, they have come through with the essential items for every gentleman wardrobe this festive season. They kindly sent me one of their bow-tie and cummerbund sets, paired with a set of silver cuff links

Christmas is a time where family and company parties are rife, being one of the best dressed at the event is usually up there on my priority list alongside scoping out the buffet table and DJ booth for song requests. Having dapper menswear accessories up (or on) your sleeve is a surefire way to make a lasting impression for one of the few times of the year you get to dress up and fully flaunt your awesome sense of style. Samuel Windsor has you covered, they’ve had me covered for the past two years too! Their red velvet blazer is still a go to if I’m feeling flashy…

Accessories are one of the best ways to still look great even after you’ve took your initial first few pictures with your blazer jacket still on. After you’ve loosened up a little and sat down for your Christmas meal it’s usually inevitable that the jacket will come off, having your bow tie and cufflinks still firmly in place will set you apart from the fella next to you donning only a white shirt.

Just in case my adjectives, images and anecdotes aren’t enough for you I have devised a little video below to show off the pristine packaging that Samuel Windsor prides itself on. These make the perfect gift for a well-dressed loved one that wishes to ‘up their game’ a little more.

With an upcoming Christmas party myself I will be sure to take heed of my own advice and equip my accessories.

Do you have any upcoming events that let you dress up a little for the festive season? Let me know and give me some ideas!

– Jack


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