Post-workout Nutrition On the Go with ProMixx

Nutrition is massively important for anyone looking to improve their physique. Some may even say that nutrition may be even more crucial than the training itself. Ensuring you’re consuming enough calories and more specifically protein can often be a challenging task for some – especially those that are always on the move.

I’ve teamed up with Promixx on this article to showcase their original vortex mixer 2.0 and the complete functionality it provides in ensuring you get that post-workout nutrition right when you need it.

There is often a common misconception that you need to consume protein (most commonly in the form of a protein shake) right after your workout. This isn’t true, and has most likely been driven by supplement companies that are looking to push their protein products. However, it is important that you do consume a meal after working out, my point is that it doesn’t need to be instantaneously after you step foot out of the gym.


For the time-strapped person, consuming meals may not happen so often and they may need to compromise on more convenient ways of getting in their total calorie/protein intakes for the day. This is why the surge of popularity for whey protein has occurred in recent years. People are working more and have less time to cook every 4 hours or so. Having a shaker bottle with storage compartments like the wireless PROMiXX 2.0 allows you to bring along a scoop or two of whey protein, whether it be to the gym, work or a long distance train journey. This is going to give you a fast releasing protein hit with minimal effort, plus the vortex feature is pretty cool, better than using a spoon I’d say…

The mixer also came with 4 sachets (I was down to my last pack at the time of taking these pictures!) of EQ Nutrition’s Diet Protein which tasted fantastic, I would even be inclined to say that the chocolate flavour was the best tasting whey protein I’ve ever had – I need to get myself some more! A whopping 27g serving of protein is exactly what you need post-workout and the diet element of the protein gives those individuals who may be in a caloric deficit a great way of increasing their protein intakes without taking a big hit to their total daily calories – meaning they can eat more food whilst losing weight.


The team over at PROMiXX also sent me two of their items from their new MoKSII collection. These were the matte black water flask and tumbler. Both perfect companions for the shaker, the flask will keep your cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. The tumbler is perfect for keeping a warm drink hot whilst on the go, if I was a drinker of coffee I would have a lot of use for this, sadly I can’t stand the taste of it! The metal materials are always a welcome addition to my water consumption receptacles as I try to stray away from using too many plastics and stick to glass or steel.


So, If you’re a time strapped person with a lot on your metaphorical plate then I’d suggest thinking about adding whey protein into your diet for a convenient protein boost throughout your day. Since I received the PROMiXX shaker I’ve ditched my conventional shaker bottles and vortexed(?) it up on the daily. The cleaning and maintenance is really easy and the rechargeable base can be powered up via USB which is very handy, especially for me as I travel on a lot of buses and trains that have USB power sockets should I need to re-juice the unit.

Get your nutrition sorted on the go, adequately plan out your meals to ensure you have enough calories to achieve your goals and should you prefer the convenience, then go for a supplement such as the whey I have mentioned.

Again, thank you to the team over at PROMiXX for sending their 2.0 shaker out to me as well as their MoKSII collection. They are already being put to good use! Be sure to check out their shakers and other products over on their website. This could be your face as you sip on your protein shake with your very own PROMiXX…


See you soon, I’m off to go film some Boomerangs with the vortex!

– Jack


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