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As someone who travels quite a lot, I’d like to think I’m a pretty reputable source of information when it comes to what clothing choices you should be making when taking a trip to the airport. I teamed up with BoohooMAN to showcase some of their airport-ready capsule items that will be the perfect accompaniment to your suitcase and passport.


Staying toasty whilst toasting

One key word…comfort!

I based my outfit choices on predominantly this factor alone, of course your clothing choices will reflect your personal style and be in line with that style, but when you’re travelling comfort really is king. Opting for a hoodie was a ‘no-brainer’ for me, the signature hoodie is ultra-soft, giving that much needed comfort to melt into whilst you sit on the plane. The hoodie underneath the blue bomber jacket adds an extra layer for warmth and outfit complexity. The bomber is lightweight so you aren’t at risk of overheating but you’re protected should the weather take a turn for the worst if you’re like me and travel with multiple trains/changes on your way to the airport.

The mix of a light blue and a beige isn’t something I would usually opt for but I felt that the colours worked together being relatively soft tones. Paired up with black jeans and white Nikes the outfit provides the comfort whilst still giving off the vibe that you know how to dress with the layering and colour combinations.

Surprisingly for someone who preaches a more minimal take on fashion I don’t own many white tees, I chose the box logo shirt as my under layer. The hoodie and jacket didn’t last too long once I touched down in Oslo and the temperature was in the mid 20’s. Having a light coloured tee is everything when you’re faced with the sun. This time I paired the shirt with black shorts and once again the Nikes (I only went for one day so shoe changes weren’t a thing!).



A ferocious, muscular beast, and a tiger

Tips for choosing the right outfit for travelling

The best advice to give for your outfit choice aside from being comfortable as I previously mentioned would be to think practically about what your situation is and how you can apply this to your clothing choices.

Got an 18 hour flight across the world? Chances are you won’t want to be cooped up in a pair of skinny jeans for that amount of time, maybe think about shorts or track-pants. Travelling from a cold country to a warm country with a short flight time? Wear warmer clothes like jeans and a hoodie to the airport but keep a pair of shorts at the top of your hand luggage for a quick change when you arrive at your destination (this is what I did).

What do you think? Do you have any particular clothing choices you have to wear to the airport? Let me know in the comments!

* The items mentioned in the article have been gifted, however all opinions are my own.
– Jack



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