Preparing for Autumn with the Rydale Wax Jacket

Whilst summer is certainly here, there is no getting away from the fact that it will soon be over, probably sooner than later here in the UK. Despite the recent heatwave, I have decided to start preparing my autumn/winter wardrobe in anticipation of the inevitable cold weather we will face post-July.

Enter Rydale, and their traditional wax jacket. I was approached by the team and after a couple of milliseconds of thought I agreed to the collaboration. Personally, I have always wanted a wax jacket but never dared to don one. I usually see brown or navy colour ways but after spotting the olive colour on their website I knew that was the one for me.

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I was actually shocked at the price of the jacket, at a mere £25 you’re getting a quality, built to last outerwear garment that will be sure to see you through the harshest of winters. I’ll admit I thought at that price surely the quality would be sub-par, that isn’t the case at all. It is probably the most well-built jacket I own.

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The jacket of course includes a wax coating which makes the jacket waterproof and gives it the waxy shine you expect. The jacket includes a detachable hood which is perfect for me as I’m someone who never really uses hoods (can’t be flattening my hair…) but if nature does take a turn for the worse I do have it there on stand-by. The inner lining is definitely warm enough to keep out the cold and provides an eye-catching checkered print to split the inner from the outer.

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Aside from the jacket itself, the packaging was very secure and even included a little personalized note which was a great touch. For once I actually can’t wait for the heat to die down a little so I can start layering up and wearing my outerwear pieces.

How are you preparing for the upcoming clothing seasons? Let me know!

– Jack



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