Doing Bits in Prague with The Man Blueprint

It’s been around a week since I got home from a 4 day trip to Prague with Sam from The Man Blueprint, aside from being world class bloggers in our own right we are actually pretty good friends (if you didn’t know already). We decided on Prague because of the reputation for it’s beauty, offering loads of potential chances to snap a killer Instagram photo as well as the promising offer of cheap booze.

We stayed in an apartment that was rented out via AirBnb, this was the first time I’ve used the platform, usually opting for hotels but I would certainly use it again as our apartment was modern, clean and even came kitted out with a speaker system which we were actually encouraged to use by the host (it definitely got used). The apartment was around 15 minutes away from the main square so getting out and about wasn’t a challenge.

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We were both amazed by the architecture that fills the city. One of the most stunning spots was on-board the Charles Bridge which presented views of church spires and the river below us. We stumbled upon the grounds of the Czech Senate by complete accident yet found it to be one of the most rewarding places to stop and just gaze at the magnificence of the buildings, the gardens also had wild peacocks roaming around!

The main highlight to the trip was just the ultimate freedom of doing what ever we wanted whenever we wanted. I usually enjoy a structure and a plan of what I will be doing each day of the trip but with this we were literally looking on TripAdvisor in Liverpool airport on the way there for ideas of things to do. I was unconvinced on heading into a foreign place without a plan but the freestyle method resulted in a very enjoyable trip.

A typical day for us was waking up early, getting out and about in the town “doing bits”, grabbing a quick snack (usually a Trdelnik – the world’s best snack) then finding somewhere to watch the World Cup to kick off a night on the sauce. We spent quite a few hours in the Lion and Ball pub watching the football and found our way to the El Mojito bar for something a little stronger.

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The trip was definitely a new experience for me, despite only being there for a couple of days we got so much done. I am starting to lean more towards these short breaks as opposed to 2-week long trips, I feel you know that your time is limited so you put in and get more out of the short time you have there. If you have a few weeks you tend to get a little lazy, spending a lot of the day just lounging around the pool/hotel not really up to much.

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Overall, I’d definitely recommend Prague as a place to go with friends or with your significant other. There’s something for everyone there and certainly some sights not to be missed!

Do you have any plans this summer or further ahead? Let me know in the comments!

– Jack



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