Luxury Father’s Day Gifting Guide

It’s that time of the year again, the day where you show your special appreciation for the man who more than likely taught you how to kick a ball, how to shave and who you probably had your first legal pint with. Dad. Here are some Father’s Day gifting ideas from some of finest brands around.

Clive Christian

Your Dad should have a signature scent about him and Clive Christian can provide just that. They offer luxury fragrances in a wide range of scents. Not to mention the extremely well designed bottles. Their summer perfumes are sure to be a hit with him and will set him apart from the crowd.


I’ve personally wrote about the importance of defining your signature scent and your Dad should be no different! Clive Christian uses some of the finest ingredients in their products and their perfumes would make an unforgettable gift that not many other brands could match!


The masters of shaving have been my go to razor for months now and I have no intention of looking back. Guys, chances are your old man taught you how to shave, why not repay him with a quality shaving and skincare set from Cornerstone?



They also offer a personalised engraving service, which adds that extra personal touch. The design of the razor is very sleek and has a bit of weight to it so you know what you’re getting is quality. My favourite product from the skin set is the charcoal face-wash, give it a try and you’ll see why!


If you’ve been keeping up with my blog lately you’ll be aware that you can make a statement through what you wear and I believe Reiss to be one of the best clothing brands for doing this. Suited to anyone who wants to dress well the brand designs functional yet very fashionable clothing. I’ve picked Reiss as their clothing can be simple and understated yet give off a very good impression of “this man knows how to dress”. I only want the best for your Dad!

I have one of their basic T-shirts and it’s probably the best quality shirts I ever had.

Race Days

I recently visited the Chester races and really enjoyed my day. I know there are a lot of Dads out there that love a good day at the races too so buying a ticket for an event over the summer might be right up his street. Plus this would give you some quality father-son time to spend whilst hopefully making yourselves a bit of money! Material gifts can be great but sometimes experiences trump them.

These are just a few great gifting ideas that you could include on your Father’s Day list. Just remember, whatever the gift or no gift at all, be sure to spend the day (if possible) with your Dad and show your appreciation for everything he has done for you!

– Jack


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