Introducing the BoohooMAN x Pepsi Collection

With the 2018 Russia World Cup beginning on the 14th June, everyone has got into the spirit of football once more. In celebration of the occasion BoohooMAN and Pepsi have designed a collaborative collection which has now been released on the BoohooMAN website.

I, too have felt the feeling of excitement from the tournament starting again and am preparing myself for a summer full of football. I was gifted the Tiger Flock Print Tracksuit from their Pepsi collection, which I have already made full use out of. I had the chance to get out around town wearing it and had no problem getting a good shot whilst wearing it!


The tracksuit itself is really comfortable. I particularly like the design on the sleeve as I have previously mentioned I like one aspect of my outfits to be stand-out and then try to tone down the rest of the outfit (paired with Nike Air Force). The shorts are ideal for summer as the temperature is boiling at the minute. As with any tracksuit you don’t need to wear both at the same time, as we go into winter once more in a couple of months time the hoody will be perfect for layering, long after the world cup has finished and England are crowned winners – right guys?!

A little known fact about me is that I used to be really into football, before my basketball years, I played every weekend for a team and also the school team in primary and high school. Over the years I kind of lost interest and kept up with it less. However, when a big event such as the World Cup or Champions League final comes around that little spark of football affection from previous years is re-ignited in me.


As an English citizen I have no option but to support my home country of England, although the line-up doesn’t inspire me much I am looking forward to the opening games and seeing what the 3 Lions can produce. Who will you be supporting in the 2018 World Cup?

Once again, thank you to BoohooMAN for sending the tracksuit over for me to try out before the big event! Although the clothing was gifted, my opinions are my own. If you want to shop the Pepsi collection you can find the whole range here. Be sure to give BoohooMAN a follow over on Twitter and Instagram too!

– Jack



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