Simple Stand-out Style Tips

As men, we take pride in our appearance, maybe because we’re a little vain or just want a lot of attention. And, it’s not easy to come across. Think of attracting a mate like being in business in 2018: it’s hard to stand out because the market is saturated. So, style is a guy’s way of peacocking and letting a woman know he is available.

Three things are certain in life. Two are death and taxes, and the other is that ladies aren’t easy to impress. Guys, if you’re going to be successful, then you need to be on top of your game.

Here is a selection of style secrets that will set you out from everyone else.

Establish Your Own Style

As mentioned a couple of time before on my blog, finding your own personal style is the ultimate way to separate yourself from the crowd and add your own personal flair to your outfits. Get this overall style ‘theme’ locked down first then take the following steps to enhance that look.

Custom Fit

Slim and skinny styles are all the rage, yet most men don’t understand the power of tailoring. Custom-made suits, shirts and trousers give-off a powerful message to the opposite sex. Firstly, you care about your appearance and value style. Secondly, you exude power which makes you infinitely more attractive. And, thirdly, it says that you can take care of yourself and a partner. Women don’t want a guy who can barely leave the house with being mothered.


A Modern Twist On A Classic

As the saying goes, girls can tell a lot about a man by the state of his shoes. Clean and shiny mean he’s organised and proactive. Dirty and shabby implies he’s a slob with personal hygiene issues. The right shoes will single you out as the main man in the room, which is why it’s savvy to get creative. Don’t go overboard because no one likes a show-off, but do consider subtle changes. A simple colour change can make all the difference. Blood red boots with black jeans, for instance, is a winner.

Ready, Set, Accessorise

And this isn’t only a reference to watches and rings and whatever else takes your fancy. Jewellery is an excellent way to offset a style, but women don’t want to date a guy who owns more than them. Stick to traditional pieces such as a timepiece for ultimate results. Outside of the wardrobe, you should look to your car as an oversized accessory. Saxton 4×4 is a great place to find a second-hand Rolls or an Aston Martin if this is within your budget. Stay away from supercar race cars. You’re elegant and sophisticated, not a boy racer.


Manners Cost Nothing

As far as style goes nothing beats a well-tailored and polished personality. Guys can’t afford to be boring, and some take a risky approach to talking to women. In simple terms, they insult them or offer a backhanded compliment. “Negging” was made famous by professional pickup artists and caught on very quickly. However, so did women if you have read the book by Neil Strauss. Rather than an insult, offer her a gentlemanly experience by being polite and respectful. You can still be exciting with a quick-witted joke and a cheeky smile.

Men, are you ready to stand out from the crowd?

– Jack

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