Office Attire: Staying Sartorial

Staying well dressed and sartorial in the workplace should be a given. Especially if your workplace requires a smarter dress-code. For some dressing well may be as part of their routine as their morning coffee, but for those that need a little inspiration to take their workplace aesthetics up to the next level, I have devised a list of essential items that will set you apart from the rest.

Collar Stays

Recently I purchased shirts with removable collar stays. The stays keep your collar looking crisp and sharp all day long, even after multiple washes my shirt collars are still looking fresh and don’t have that worn out look to them that some collars can get. Just be sure to them out before you put your shirts in the wash!

Oxford Shoes

One of the first things women notice about a males clothing style are his shoes (or so some random internet fact once told me). I assume your boss/colleagues/future business partners are no different. Turn up to a business meeting in scuffed up beaters and you’ll be lucky to be leaving with a deal. My job is similar in that I am in a customer facing role as well as being on the front desk for our office team which means I am the first point of contact for a lot of important guests, so dressing well is crucial.


Luckily for me I have Samuel Windsor on my side, gearing me up in these high-quality black Oxford shoes from their Prestige line [gifted]. I bought a new pair of shoes upon starting this job in September from an online retailer and they lasted me 3 months. Since then I have been looking for some quality made leather shoes that will not only look great but have some durability about them, these oxfords are definitely fitting of this description.



I have used these for a week (see crease lines from use) and they were comfortable from the get-go, I expected a break in process but they were perfect! They look great with my suit and have some weight to them, a very good sign of quality. I honestly couldn’t recommend the shoes enough. The addition of a SW shoehorn was a nice touch too!

Lint Roller

A very cheap and simple tip is to use a lint roller, the difference one of these can make for the price of £1 is astonishing. Nobody wants to see pieces of lint all-over your clean white shirt, neither do I, so I make sure I stock up on a few of these bad boys to keep me lint-free year round.



Hopefully I shouldn’t have to tell you to iron your shirts for work, but even if you do there may be the chance you’re ironing game is not up to par. I am guilty of this, I give my shirts a quick once over and done. I definitely don’t ensure every crease is out, so a quick YouTube tutorial or even some friendly advice from an expert in your family may set your straight and set you apart from the creased crowd in your office block.


Having a work uniform can often lead to your character/personality being somewhat subdued. Your sock game is what gives you some individual freedom. I prefer more monochrome colours but with some patterns or dots to liven it up a little. I’d stray away from cartoon character socks in a professional setting but if your boss is fine with it and that’s you then, you do you. My current go-to socks are from Calvin Klein.


Not only is a watch a stylish accessory it should be functional. Of course you can use it to tell the time, but there are other features such as date displays which come in handy. I have two watches in my wrist wear rotation. My everyday watch is one from Tommy Hilfiger that I received as a gift around 2/3 years ago and have probably worn it nearly every day since.


The second is my Chesterfield watch from Thomas and George, it needs no introduction as I have already covered that in a previous article. This is my go-to when I watch to switch up my style a little, the leather straps are perfect for more formal attire whilst the blue and white nato strap allows flawless pairing with casual clothing, perfect for holiday outfits.

You don’t always need to spend a lot to get it right, making sure your aesthetics are on point in the workplace is crucial and small tweaks such as the inclusion of these items I have mentioned can do that for you. Stay sharp fellas!

– Jack


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