Masters Preparation: Laptop Upgrade

With my decision to continue my academic studies into a Masters degree for Human Nutrition in Manchester, I came to the conclusion that the best way to get myself back into scholarly mode was to upgrade my laptop ready for the mounds of work heading my way.

The laptop I have been using for the past couple of years is actually my mum’s old laptop after my own laptops screen broke a few years back, thus I have been loaning that this whole time. With the plans of working as long as I can over the summer I thought an upgrade to my own laptop once more would be a good investment, especially seen as I’m taking this blogging thing a little more serious than when I first started!

Enter the ASUS Vivobook




I wanted a 14″ laptop as it is the perfect size for bringing with me to lectures, easy to fit into a backpack and with the weight of 1.43kg, carrying it around shouldn’t be an issue whatsoever. I love the design, it is somewhat reminiscent of a Macbook in the layout of the keyboard, just for a massive fraction of the price (£369 on Amazon).

The performance so far has been very impressive, the combination of Intel Core i3 7th Gen Processor *breathes* and 4GB RAM provides excellent speed and handles multiple tasks at once effortlessly. I’ve hardly had to wait for things to load and everything opens instantly with a click, I’ve almost forgot what a loading bar looks like! The storage of 128GB SSD is plenty for me as someone who deletes and keeps on top of my saved files regularly. The inclusion of a backlit keyboard was a neat feature especially for late night usage.



Overall I’m very confident this laptop will be perfect for my needs and play it’s part in providing me with (hopefully) success whilst studying. Microsoft Office appears to be pre-loaded onto the system as well which is helpful for the impending assignments I’ll be hit with. Let me know what you think of it! I still have a few more things to set up with it before I’m fully finished but as for now, I am very happy with it!

– Jack


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