How to Personalise a Plain Outfit

Personalising a plain outfit should be an easy thing to do. However, a lot of people struggle to make sure their personality comes across in their clothing, meaning they’re never expressing themselves properly when they’re out and about. And that can be a lot more damaging than you might think. Thankfully, there’s some quick fixes you can look into, and use to learn to love your style.

There should be a lot to work with inside your wardrobe, whether you prefer the minimalist approach to fashion or not. And because of that, you have so many more options to look good than you realise. Just because you’ve got versatile wear that’s suitable for any occasion doesn’t mean there’s no chance to personalise according to you; here’s how you can make your style apparent even when you only own the basic items sold by every fashion line out there. My outfit in the title image is just black shorts with a white t-shirt, boring right? Now add in the striped Topman shirt and you have yourself a standout outfit!


Be Ruthless with Your Clothes

And by that we mean it’s time to get the scissors out and see if you’re any good with a needle and thread. If you can cut paper up without slipping, you’re guaranteed to be able to do the same with fabric of any kind. Sharpen your blades and get to work, there’s plenty of tutorials online for you to follow if all you have are ideas and no way to execute them with the basic shirt you found at the back of your wardrobe.

You can easily give yourself some much needed slats, or ‘fish gills’ in the side of a tight fitting shirt, or turn an otherwise outdated slogan tee into a nifty halter top. That’s more interesting to wear than an ill fitting shoulder piece. And hey, when you’ve got shoulders to show off, it’d be a crime against yourself to not have an option to dress them up. In the past I’ve made my own ripped knee jeans from some cheap Primark jeans, hardly rocket science, but it sets you apart a little. Let your summer body preparation actually pay off in clothes you love to wear.


Accessorise Properly

Accessories are the most common commodity for someone to buy alongside an outfit, and because of that, it’s time you get your jewellery sorted out. You might not own a box to keep all your rings, cufflinks, and any chains in, but it’d be a good idea to go out and buy one now. When you can line up everything you own in one place, you know the accessories you’re missing, and you can start to build upon your fashion impact.


Using accessories to show off who you are is a tried and tested method almost everyone subscribes to. So start here if you want to make sure you’re expressing yourself in fun and creative ways; just checking out retailers like that of Deakin & Francis can show you the entire world you’re missing out on. I usually keep it quite minimal on the accessory side of things, usually only sporting a watch but I know others who go for rings, jewellery and piercings to establish their personal style. 

My way of personalising my outfits is to take something that I know works and add something slightly stand-out to it. As previously mentioned, pairing the white t-shirt with black shorts and adding the striped shirt on top. Or keeping my whole outfit black and having my pristine white Nike Air Force Ones as the stand-out piece of my outfit. I feel this method is a good way to go if you still want to play it kind of safe but still have a little something to the outfit.

A plain outfit is just fine to wear, but wouldn’t you like to add some personality to it? It’s an extension of you after all, so wear it with pride.


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