The Perfect Night’s Sleep with Homebody

The tranquillity of a perfect night’s sleep is something we all yearn for. The difference is some find it much more difficult to reach the sacred land of Nod. Therefore, I have devised a routine that you can get yourself into to ensure you’re making the most of that precious growth and repair time.

Comfortable Clothing

The first thing I do when I get in from work is to change into something comfortable. My new absolute go-to loungewear comes in the form of a hand-crafted piece from Homebody [gifted]. They specialise in designing and making the finest, British quality men’s luxury pyjamas. Having comfortable clothes to slip into before and even during your nights sleep is exactly what your body needs  – especially if you’re stuck in a close-fitting suit all-day like myself!



I love the calm tones of the shirt and the fit is exactly what you want from a lounge top, it is stretchy yet fitted with a soft-touch feel. I’m actually not one for sleeping with a shirt but I have been searching for the perfect lounge shirt for ages and have previously settled with one of my everyday t-shirts or even a basketball jersey. They have nothing on the Homebody shirt, if you visit me whilst I have a day-off you can bet I’ll be wearing it!

Maintain a Regular Sleeping Pattern

We all know it yet hardly any of us stick to it. Going to bed at a similar time each day programs your ‘body clock’ and instructs your body when it is time to start winding down and getting ready for bed. Chances are if you’re sleeping at 1am some nights then trying to get an early night the next then you’re going to have difficulty doing so. This is definitely a tip I need to stick to as I find it nearly impossible to get myself to sleep before midnight after a teenage career of being online until ungodly hours.

Form a Bed-time Routine

Following the previous tip, having a pre-bed routine can ensure your body knows it is time to rest and implementing a couple of easy-steps will do just that. Some examples that I personally include as part of my routine is to have a cold/warm shower (depending on my body temperature), get everything I need for the following day ready and to put my phone away at least 15 minutes before sleeping.


Keep an Eye on your Nutrition

It goes without saying that if you’re consuming a cup of coffee before bed that you’re not doing it right. But there may actually be small nutritional tweaks you can make to boost your chances of obtaining that sweet, sweet sleep you deserve.

  • There is strong evidence to suggest overall sleep quality is improved when supplementing with Magnesium.
  • Avoid a heavy meal before bed as this will disrupt your sleep due to sending your digestive system into overdrive instead of focussing on that all-important growth and repair.
  • Alcohol is definitely a no-go if you want quality sleep, sure it may send you off to sleep but will the quality of sleep be present? Probably not.


Keep the lighting low

Our brains are programmed to acknowledge light as ‘day-time’, therefore having your ‘big light’ on at night is doing you no favours at all. Instead switch to candles or a dimmer light such as a bedside lamp that emits a warmer, orangey glow. In our apartment we have LED candles that replicate the motion of a candle-flicker effect without the risk of a fire. You’ll notice you start to feel sleepier once the lights aren’t so bright – make this part of your pre-bed ritual as mentioned earlier.

Get your thoughts out of your head

Trying to sleep with a head full of thoughts is like skateboarding with no wheels, it isn’t going to happen, at least not without some force. I’d recommend buying a notebook to write down everything that you’re currently thinking about / trying to remember. I’ve never used a diary but if your thoughts are more emotionally driven then one of those might work for you.

Personally I jot down quick to-do lists for the following day to keep me on track and this allows me to let go of the thoughts for what I should be doing tomorrow as I have it ready and wrote down in my notebook ready for when I wake up.


I hope you can implement some of these tips into your daily routine and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep!

– Jack








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