Waging War on Wallets with imossi London

Wallets have been a staple for me since I first started receiving pocket money as a youngster, though I have since ditched the Velcro sports wallet from my youth, I still rock a leather black wallet. However, I recently came across imossi London on Instagram and really liked the look of their RFID blocking wallets.


Introducing the N2, a minimal and well-designed RFID blocking wallet. This handy tool is small enough to fit in your pocket as any other wallet yet boasts a slick modern look, made with toughened aluminium that will ensure durability for your EDC. I like how you can alternate the strap colours too, mine came with the leather strap which gives a very professional look, but this could easily be switched up to one of the other 5 colours I received such as a yellow strap for a summer party.


Apart from the minimalist design and professional feel to the wallet the main centre-piece is it’s RFID blocking shield. Crooks have a new way to scam you out of your hard earned cash through your contactless card and whilst it may not be very common you’d rather stay safe than sorry. This shield stops the criminal device from interacting with your card and keeps your money safe.


There is also a personal engraving service should you wish to gift this to someone or even just as a personal touch for yourself! They retail at £35 and also have a more traditional wallet design for those of you that aren’t ready to step into the ultra-modern wallet market!

I have been using mine for a couple of days now and I’m really enjoying the minimal aspect of the wallet, I carry around so many cards that I never use so having my bank card and house card-key in this wallet keeps the clutter down, not to mention how nicely it fits into your pocket. I thought the metal materials may make it uncomfortable to store in your pocket but this isn’t the case thanks to the well-designed rounded edges! I would definitely recommend picking one of these up if you want to take your wallet game to the next level.

Check them out over at imossi London

– Jack

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