The Gentleman’s Rulebook

In a world that is constantly forgetting their manners, not visiting their relatives and swearing in every sentence, there is a need to remind us of what it means to play the role of a gentleman in today’s society. Here I have devised a little handbook of tips to keep you on top of your gentleman-ly game.

1. Keep your word

Whilst this seems relatively obvious, not many people actually follow through with what they say. If a promise is made, it should be kept – simple. Should you not be able to follow through on what you have promised you should own up to this and confront the person and explain yourself.

2. Dress for the occasion and execute it with style

You could be the most noticed person in the room without speaking a word. Your clothes can either make or break you and thus should be applied to any occasion. A works night out? Don’t dress like a slob, these are your chance to step out of your work uniform and show people who you really are and this is definitely an opportunity to whip out your luxury clothing.

3. Visit friends and family

There’s a reason all the fellas in the Godfather movies were all so close, it’s about family and failing that it’s about friends. These are the people closest to you and you definitely get what you put in in regards to time and effort with close relations. If you haven’t spoke to your old buddy from college for a couple of years be sure to send a quick instant message and see how he is doing. It goes without saying that you should visit your family especially your parents and grandparents but everyone is equally as important so be sure to allocate time for family


4. Learn to cook

Cooking is one of the things that I can say I am fully competent at, learning at an early age definitely bolstered my abilities and I can now easily navigate my way through the kitchen. Many man are not so luckily and heavily rely on their partners or best friend Chef Mike (microwave) when it comes to cooking. This is such an easy problem to fix as detailed in my how to cook guide.

5. Maintain an ability to handle situations

The way you carry yourself is definitely something that can paint a picture of you as the desired gentleman. Having confidence and maturity when speaking to someone is something that will set you aside from many others and gain you the respect from the other person that you deserve. The same application is essential when speaking to those that may not be at your level for example children, knowing what to say and how to act around them is a highly sought after trait that potential partners may be eyeing you up for.


6. Have something you are passionate about

Having a hobby or particular interest is something that will define who you are, it will also provide the opportunity to meet new people and potential new friends. Having this passion gives you an escape from the everyday world of work and allows you to have some ‘play-time’. This may be as simple as reading books or as adventurous as skydiving.

7. Set goals for yourself

What are you actually striving for if you have no goals set in life? Having something to work towards gives you purpose, it is the reason for you to get out of bed each day. Surely no one can be happy going to work to earn money to pay bills and nothing more, there has to be something that you are working towards. For myself my goals are to grow this blog, along with my social media accounts, at the moment I am a small-fry in a very, very large ocean but each day I take positive steps to increase my engagement and reach through all platforms and as a result I’m seeing a greater number of followers, collaborations and general friends being made through doing so.

– Jack




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