3 Defining Characteristics of the Modern Gentleman

How do you become the ultimate, modern gentleman? These three topics are some of the overlooked areas that concern every-day life and they should be paid a little more attention. So read on and find out more…

Drink of choice

Whilst you can still be a gentleman whilst abstaining from alcoholic drinks, there is certainly an aura that surrounds the topic when it comes to a gentleman’s alcoholic beverage of choice. Nothing oozes class and retains as much respect as the age-old Whiskey.

With cocktails being a classy choice for the modern day gent, a wide range of options are available to choose from, from the simple yet classic Old Fashioned to the slightly more adventurous Whiskey Sour. I personally didn’t like whiskey until last year when I decided to introduce myself to the spirit through the consumption of Jack Daniels. I’d consider this an easier whiskey to drink as it’s distinct taste mixes well with Cola.

Now I may upset a few whiskey connoisseurs by mixing this drink with anything as ‘on the rocks’ may just about be the most manly way to drink your alcohol, but you can’t deny it’s powerful and unless you love the taste of straight ethanol it’s not an easy task. Some of my personal favourite labels for whiskey include Gentleman Jack and Makers Mark.


Upon first impressions, your clothing is one of the biggest stand out pieces about your person. People may make an instant judgement based on what clothes you are wearing therefore some care should be taken when curating your clothing items.


This section could be a whole article itself but to keep it trimmed I would recommend sticking with the classics if you have no idea what you’re doing. The timeless pieces that never go out of style are your best bet until you can define your style and start to diverge from the ‘safe zone’. I’m talking about the dark wash jeans, the black crew-neck t-shirt and the Chelsea boots. Just make sure when you are buying new items that you are going for quality as it certainly does trump quantity.

The modern gentleman does keep up with trends, this can be as simple as watching a SS18 video on YouTube to see what the top influencers are spotting as the trends of the season – take inspiration from this and apply it to your own style.

Having your own style will define you as a person, this is an extended image of you and is what people will be familiar with when they think about you. You may opt for the classic, well-dressed gentleman who rocks blazers and moccasins flawlessly or you may take a more casual approach yet execute it with well-cut designer pieces that accentuate your body shape.


The way you dress isn’t the only way that you can confirm your place in the room as the modern gent, having a way with words and executing them in a bold and defined manner is what will really set you apart from the crowd of mumblers.


Speak boldly, but never aggressively, you can get your point across without scaring the recipient. Which fits hand-in-hand with speaking confidently but don’t let this come across arrogantly, you don’t want people to take this confidence for being a loud-mouth who wants to be the centre of attention. Know what to say and when to say it, apart from that he says nothing at all, as mentioned in Tsu Sun’s Art of War.

– Jack

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