February Favourites – 2018

Despite being a short month, February has provided plenty of content for the favourites post, so let’s get right into it…

Aviator Jacket

Following my recent collaboration with Jacamo, I have been rocking this Aviator jacket at every opportunity and it hasn’t failed me. I have received plenty of compliments on the jacket and love the way it looks. The faux-sherpa has kept the cold out whilst it’s been freezing outside which is always a massive bonus.

Protein Supplements

After winning a competition on Twitter (which never happens!) I received a box of 18 bottles of Protein Water+ and 12 bars of Grenades’ Caramel Chaos bars.

This stockpiled me for the whole month and has provided quick and easy access to protein at times when I am time-strapped. They have been perfect to take to work with me and eat on my lunch, boosting my daily protein totals ensuring I get that all-important macro-nutrient that is protein!


The DJ-duo from Belfast have been smashing it for a number of years now yet I’m only just arriving to their scene, however, I’m glad I did as I listen to them everyday now. Some of my favourites are Vale, Rain, Glue and Aura. Perfect for the gym, walking home from work or just for some vibey, electronic background music whilst getting sh*t done at home.



Lately I’ve tried to get a little more involved on Instagram and I’m really enjoying it. With the demise of Snapchat due to their recent update (which is terrible), I find myself favouring Instagram as my go-to app. My follower count isn’t anything to be wowed by but I am improving the quality of my images and trying to find myself a unique theme. Give me a follow if you want to keep up to date with my goings-on over on the Gram.

Short and sweet, just like February. Thanks for checking out this article, let me know what you’re feeling this month!

– Jack


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