Streetwear Showcase – Mennace

After finding out about Mennace through a couple of fashion Youtube videos, I had to get in touch with them as I loved what they were providing. Quality street wear for men at a very affordable price.

Having heard of their sister label Missguided I was curious to see how their clothes would be, considering I’ve never bought anything from Missguided myself!

I was fortunate enough to select a couple of items to showcase here on my blog and I did just that, I spent a while trying to decide, they have such a broad collection that tailors to everyone’s taste. I noticed they seem to stock a lot of oversized items which I’m personally not a huge fan of but props to you if you can rock the oversized look.


I picked out the Black Embroidered Back Overhead Hoodie, the Cherub Print T and the Black Tricot Knit Tracksuit Bottoms. I got them all in a size medium as the model on their site was around the same build as me and he was wearing a medium, which is usually a size down for me but I’m glad I went for it.

The parcel arrived within a couple of days and I couldn’t wait to get into it (I love the matt black packaging). Upon opening the package I could just feel that the clothes were quality, the hoodie was thick and felt like a true outwear piece. I managed to get a few shots out and about wearing the new items from Mennace.

The Embroidered Hoodie


Very true to my style I went with this black hoodie, as mentioned in one of my previous fashion posts I like to keep most of my wardrobe monochrome. I love the pop of the gold embroidery on the back, it really is the difference between a “meh” outfit and something that catches your eye.

As I mentioned I got the hoodie in a medium which was a perfect fit for me, the hood itself is quite oversized but I actually like that it is, it definitely makes it different to other hoodies I’ve previously owned (I also feel like a sith lord if I have it up).


The embroidered octopus design on the back of the hoody definitely is the standout feature from this piece and will certainly brighten up my usual monochrome fits. The fact the stitching is gold allows for some playing around when it comes to matching accessories like a gold watch or belt buckle.

A hoodie is the perfect street wear alternative when you’re not feeling the overcoat and shirt get-up. Did I mention how comfortable the hoodie is? Pair it with jeans or even cuffed sweatpants and you’re set for a casual and comfortable, yet still stylish day.


The Cherub Tee

Again it will come at no surprise that I picked another black item, but the graphic print for me was what stood out to me. The twin cherub design with the understated Mennace logo stood out for me and had just enough colour to make the tee stand out from anything that I currently own. This as definitely something I could see myself wearing and again went for the medium size.

Not even tensing (that much)

The shirt fits really well, I still have a bit of Christmas podge to lose but even now it looks great on me (if I say so myself). It is everything I want from a T-shirt, quality material, a tight crew neck and nicely fitting on the arms.

As T-shirts go you’re flexible to wear them with just about anything but I went for the classic ripped black jeans and Filling Pieces.


The Tricot Knit Tracksuit Pants

This was the wildcard for me, I haven’t worn track pants since they were a fashion staple to go ‘playing out’ in about 10-15 years ago. Nonetheless, I thought I’d give them a go, I love the pants/trousers/jeans that have a red stripe down the leg so these were an inspired wildcard to pick. They are also my first ‘dip’ into cropped pants I’ve ever worn.


Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I could style them and so have been using them as a fashionable lounge pant! Maybe I will bust them out in the spring/summer time as the weather gets a bit warmer to be sporting cropped pants.



So there you have it, I love the quality of the clothing produced over at Mennace, there are no cutting corners with them and every piece is made to last. Amazing work!

– Jack

The clothing showcased in this article was kindly gifted by Mennace, however, all opinions are completely my own.


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