Unrivalled Undergarments – Body Branded

Whether you’re an athlete or swooping in on a business deal, you’re most likely going to be doing so rocking some form of undergarments – or so I’d hope! Why settle for broken bills, swampy socks and toxic trolleys when you could be wearing some of the finest brands in the underwear game? Let me introduce Body Branded.

With over 20 years experience the folks over at Body Branded have done the hard work for you and selected a range of quality undergarments from a whole host of iconic brands such as Reebok, Saville Row and Ben Sherman. The best thing is that their stock is refreshed weekly, nothing stagnant over on their end!


After being in contact with Body Branded they were kind enough to send over some items from their stock for me to test out. I opted for the more ‘sporty’ gear and went for the performance range from Reebok. Seeing as I frequent the gym quite often I thought why not get a few new pieces of gear to try out and put to the test of my super intense, grueling workouts – right?


I received the Reebok Fitted Sports Tee in both the red and blue colourways, the ‘fitted’ aspect means that these shirts are more of a compression style top which I have never personally used, mainly due to feeling too voluptuous to sport one of these bad boys, which are usually reserved for the ultra-shredded fellas. Nonetheless I tried them out and was really impressed! I still have a few pounds to shed before I’m looking like a fitness model but these shirts fit so well that I can pretend for a second that I might actually own a muscle or two. Both shirts are very comfy and will be added to my regular gym clothing rotation.


Next up I also received the Reebok Sports Trunk, these feel like a hybrid between a pair of boxers and compression under-shorts, which is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I own compression shorts but find them a bit too uncomfortable and warm, regular boxers lack the athletic, breathable material that sports trunks provide and these Reebok ones certainly fit the bill, in both comfort AND functionality.


Many thanks to Body Branded for sending out the gear, it will certainly be put to good use! If you want to check out what Body Branded have to offer you can visit their website here and give them a follow on Twitter while you’re at it too!

– Jack

*Clothing mentioned in this article was gifted however all opinions are my own!

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