Don’t Crack Under the Cold Conditions

Whilst Christmas may be over, the cold weather unfortunately is not. This weather can wreak havoc with your body should you come insufficiently equipped. This quick article should prepare you for the blizzard outside.

Keep your skin hydrated

During this time of the year the temperature drops and this can lead to dry skin, especially on the skin on your face. Cold weather conditions mean lower humidity levels, which draw out moisture from your skin leaving flaky, dryness in it’s wake.

To combat this you should inject (not literally) a blast of hydration back into your skin, the best way to do this would be to use a top quality moisturiser. I personally use the daily moisturiser from Gruum which I have mentioned many a time and still religiously use to this day. You will usually find quality moisturisers often contain SPF protection from the suns rays – should you be lucky to see any sun at this time of year. Apply a thin layer in the morning and a generous amount at night before bed to stave off the dreaded flaky complexion.


A good tip for moisturising is to apply moisturiser after a shower, after pat-drying your skin, your skin will still be a little damp and will ensure the moisturiser fully penetrates the skin for a thorough level of hydration.

Spare a thought for your lips

One of the main victims of this cold weather crisis are always the lips. Cracked, dry and painful not three adjectives you’d associate with a healthy functioning body. Luckily for you there are a range of lip products that cater to moisturise and protect those kiss-cushions of yours. The obvious choice would be Vaseline which is a staple in my grooming routine, they also have Aloe Vera and cocoa butter versions of their original formula that work a treat. There is also Carmex that do a lip balm that has worked wonders for me in the past.

Wrap up warm


Believe it or not I am not your mother, however, the advice given by mothers to wrap up warm if you are going out in the cold still applies even if you have a beard and a mortgage. Dressing in warm clothes will protect your skin from the previously mentioned low humidity and will reduce the chance of you catching a deadly cold – which is not conducive to overall health never mind dry skin!

Don’t shower

Ok, maybe you should still be showering but excessive showering and washing actually removes the healthy, protective layer of natural oils you skin produces. If you’re getting out of the shower and your skin feels tight it has more than likely dried out. I find that when I have hot showers (as amazing as they may feel) that when I dry myself my face is left dry and flaky because of the rapid change in temperature when it’s cold outside.


Speaking of which, calm it with the soap

The soaps you may have been using in the summer may have worked a treat but in the winter months you may find that these are the main culprits for stripping your natural oils from your skin so to be sure to switch up your soap to a less harsh / more sensitive soap to reduce the dryness.

Follow these simple rules and your face should be left smooth as a baby everyday.

– Jack


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