Don’t Let This Hurdle Hinder Your Fitness Progression

One Word…Consistency

Personally, I have been going to the gym on and off for years and I hate myself for it, the amount of time I have wasted due to not consistently following a plan and taking long breaks from training has hindered what shape I could be in now. Sure, I have made progress, but I feel I have let myself down with my lack of consistency and am aiming to improve it – hopefully taking inspiration from my own writing to give myself a kick up the arse this year!

Therefore, from this I feel like I can speak from experience and hopefully warn you that consistency really is key and should be pivotal in achieving your goal.

To do this I would recommend that you make your journey challenging to keep you engaged but not uncomfortable for yourself. How long are you going to last going from no exercise to brutal, enduring HIIT five-times a week?


Slowly and efficiently work your way up from the bottom and go from there, leave the ego at home, everyone started somewhere and that’s right where you will begin!

Staying engaged will ensure that you won’t miss any sessions and will keep you on the most optimal path for success. Whilst building the intensity up at a steady rate will ensure that you don’t fall off the wagon as quickly as you got on it and will allow time for your body to safely adapt to the changes being made to your lifestyle.

You will be amazed how quickly changes will occur once your training, nutrition and lifestyle is consistent.

One tip I would recommend would be to keep track of your progress in all aspects of your life. For someone who has just started weightlifting, I would start with taking weight measurements every week or two with bodily measurements such as chest, waist and arm size at monthly intervals.

This also applies for your numbers in the gym, set a starting point and from there always try to progressively overload. Upon reviewing your progress over the months to come you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses whilst also getting that feel-good feeling of seeing how far you have come. Get yourself a dedicated notebook and write down your numbers, or make a spreadsheet if you’re IT literate!


I am not (that) massive but seeing myself warm up with weights I use to be maxing out one rep with is definitely motivating and keeps me pushing myself.

I still have a long way to go before I can start flaunting my advice like I know it all but I hope this article helps you to understand your reasoning for choosing your journey and I wish you the best of luck with it!

PS. Finding a boss playlist to listen to will be sure to fire you up!

– Jack

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