A Pleasant Visit from St Nicholas: A Haul from the North Pole

Christmas has been and gone, I understand that Christmas shouldn’t and isn’t about the gifts you got but I do really appreciate the gifts I’ve got this year and want to share them with you, in more of a ‘have a nosey at what I got and hopefully I can inspire you’ rather than ‘hey look at me showing off all this stuff I got’. I certainly know that I am more fortunate than some at Christmas and couldn’t be more grateful for everything I have received.

Travelling to Norway for Christmas was amazing and a gift in itself, however on the gift front it can be challenging trying to pack up a pile of presents in my hand luggage. Thankfully my girlfriend had a two suitcase allowance so most of them went straight in there, the fun begins when I have to try and fit the gifts I have received back in my bag when I return!

Nonetheless, I managed and here are some of the gifts I received and absolutely love!

Moods of Norway Raincoat

For a number of years I have told my girlfriend how much I have wanted a raincoat, I never went through and bought one however, so you can imagine my surprise when I unwrap a grey raincoat from Moods of Norway on Christmas day! I can’t remember the last time I spoke about raincoats so I’m astonished she remembered about it when buying my gifts.

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Quite a poor picture quality as I haven’t got round to taking actual photos with this jacket yet, hence the effortlessly paired Grinch Christmas day lounge-wear!

I think I’ll write a whole article on the jacket with more of an in-depth look with a few pictures of me wearing it in the near future. So a big thanks to her and her parents for getting one for me!

McKinley Bubble Jacket

I do currently own a green bubble jacket from Jack and Jones, which I have worn to death for the past two or so years, so I felt an upgrade was reasonable. The green jacket was was practical however the colour was a tad in-your-face and not too fitting with my personal style.

McKinley Bubble Jacket

A new bubble jacket was one of things on my wishlist that I knew I wanted and would get good use out of so I was more than happy to receive this black/grey bubble jacket from McKinley. It is warm, fashionable and comfortable – couldn’t ask for much more!

Gentleman Jack Whiskey

Having recently developed a liking of Jack Daniels, I wanted to have a nice bottle of something on display in my kitchen ready to crack open for a special occasion and the sleek and sharp design of the Gentleman Jack bottle fits the bill entirely. I first tried this drink whilst in the business lounge in London Heathrow after an upgrade to business class due to an airline disruption that caused us to miss our flight last year and have been a fan since.



I haven’t cracked this one open yet but I think it might make a sneaky appearance on New Years Eve, kicking the new year off the right way.

Personalised Hip Flask

Going hand-in-hand with my new liking for whiskey, a hip flask is certainly a welcome addition to my arsenal, complete with my name on the front to warn off any mine-sweeping varmints. A great gift both in-use and sat on display on my cocktail shelf in the kitchen. Something that can be kept for a lifetime and won’t expire, unless I go changing my name which I’m not planning to do anytime soon.


A Haul from Weekday

One of my favourite clothing stores in Bergen, I own a few items from this shop and always have a quick peek whenever I’m in Bergen city centre. They know me well and got me a number of pieces from here. Including two new sweaters and 3 t-shirts, all which will fall flawlessly into my wardrobe, although I might need to perform a little clothes cull once they are in there.


Ted Baker Accessories

Rapidly becoming one of my favourite brands, Ted Baker isn’t all about their clothing line. Their accessories are top quality and stylish essentials for every fella considering himself a gentleman.

I received a Ted Baker flask which will see daily use at work and the gym, coming in at an exceptional time as I have just broken the lid to my Voss water bottle, pair this up with a travel wallet which will certainly get its fair share of usage as I’m out of the country more than I’m in it. The perfect tool for keeping everything you need for travel safe in one place.


These two new welcome additions join my other Ted Baker items, a wash bag and a wallet, forming an inadvertent collection.

Gentlemen Only – Givenchy Fragrance

Despite being in-love with my Hermés fragrance, I am certainly not ungrateful for receiving this new fragrance by Givenchy. I’m no scent guru so I can’t tell you what notes it is giving off but they are definitely good ones! It smells fresh, strong and professional, no lynx gift-sets here. The sleek matt-black bottle comes in at 50ml perfect for whacking in the toiletries bag when travelling as well as everyday use.


Reed Diffuser from Next Home

After gifting a diffuser for Christmas I decided that we need to get one for our apartment, I’m a big fan of scented candles but who has the time to light those every night when a diffuser is there 24/7? Not this guy.


I got the Miami scent from Next and I don’t regret my choice one bit, our apartment smells divine as soon as you enter the front door, seriously get one of these if you haven’t got one already!

Nike Free RN Distance 2

I previously mentioned these in my Christmas gift guide but seeing as I actually got them for Christmas they need a shout-out here too, having actually given them a run out now I can certainly vouch for their comfort as well as their aesthetics. Just in time for the January health kick.


Vivienne Westwood Tee

Not to be one to shy away from a bit of fashion I got a Westwood Anglomania Tee, it was on sale so I had to get it, I like the bold “CHAOS” print and of course the orb graphic on the shirt. The white/black colour will fit effortlessly into my wardrobe and will be easily paired with nearly everything I own.

The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene

My favourite rapper paired up with an author whom I own a couple of books of to create a business-forward book reflecting on Fifty’s life and how experiences he has faced have turned him into the entrepreneurial genius he now is. A great read, I’m currently halfway through the book and there’s certainly some practical knowledge that can be applied to everyday life to better yourself, give it a read!


That wraps up my list, I got quite a few other things which I am equally as happy to receive I just thought the ones on this list will be the most interesting to you but hey if you’re interested in what bath foam I got, just hit me up.

– Jack


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