Stay Organised, Stay Ontop

The world can be a confusing place in the modern age, not only do you have physical objects but also the digital space and all the baggage that comes with.

Staying organised is the key to success and will keep you on the right track, minimising any distractions that may set you off said path. For example you are going to be much more productive in a clean, clear and clutter-free environment than you are in a messy hovel. Personally I feel like I can’t work at 100% if the area around me is untidy and disorganised.

De-clutter first, organise later

The most obvious area to start with are the physical objects we can see and feel around us. Chances are if you’re constantly surrounded by clutter, you might have too much and be ready for a clear out.

Start small and simple, things like old shoe boxes and magazines should be easy to recycle and will get you on your way. The same goes for any junk you have around that has no use like receipts with no value, empty food packages, unimportant letters.

Next start going through your clothes and set aside anything you know you don’t wear and keep it stored in a box. Set a time-frame for this box and if you haven’t used any of the clothes in there in the given frame then you know its time for them to go. Repeat this step for all areas that need a good clear out e.g. kitchen cupboards, under your bed, ‘that’ junk drawer.

Create ‘homes’ for items

Now that you have reduced the clutter you have, organising everything will be much easier. Start by re-homing similar items together, got a lot of books? Put them all together in a nice bookcase / shelf, for dry goods in the kitchen buy jars to store them in and store them together – not only does this look nice but saves you space as they are easily stack-able and more accessible. You don’t have to get really obsessive with it but having similar items in the same place will make finding them so much easier for you.

In regards to my clothes I prefer to keep my black and white clothes separate to my colours, mainly because I have a wardrobe and a clothes rail. The rail is on show and is visible as soon as you walk in the room therefore all of my B&W clothing is on here giving a seamless feel to the rooms colour scheme – which is mainly black and white with a splash of purple. The rest of the colours are neatly tucked away in the wardrobe out of sight.


Write down your plans, ideas and everything else

I’m a huge list person, I write lists for shopping, blog ideas, to-do lists, you name it. I feel that having a physical copy of a mental note is much more organised and can be reflected upon much easier than having a thought and thinking “that’s a good idea, when I get home I’ll do that!”, to which you find when you get home you’ve forgotten your master plan and you’ve lost out.

There are plenty of cool journals and notepads out there for you to be jotting down on, just be sure to carry it with you so you never miss out on that eureka moment! That blog post you forgot to write down could be the one that got noticed by a big brand or agency and you would have missed your chance so keep everything written down – it can just as easily be torn out later if it was a useless thought.


You thought I was going to post a picture of my journal open and reveal all my genius ideas? Wrong!

Apply the tool of organisation to all aspects of life

There are many ways to describe someone or something as being organised. Someone who is always on time and has everything necessary for the job could be described as organised. Something as simple as packing a lunch with you for work so you don’t spend the day hungry is being organised and will benefit you. The message here is that being organised is good and will only aid you in life – it’s definitely a great tool to have in your manly arsenal.

You can take it as far as you’d like but having that extra spot of organisation in your life will put you one step further in the right direction to where you want to be.

How do you stay organised? Leave a comment below!



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