Grooming 101: The Essential Tool Guide

Grooming should be a top priority on any mans to-do list. Look good, feel better, it’s that simple. The road to grooming success isn’t always as simple however, so I have compiled a list of tools I recommend to clean up your manly self. Strap in, it’s going to be a big one.


Jumping right in we start with the Panasonic 3-blade shaver, ideal for just about everything you’d require trimming, it’s multi-flex 3D head provides an exceptionally close shave whilst reducing the burden on skin as it contours around the face. Featuring a built in sensor which detects beard density to allow a tailored shave that suits the individual. Quality can be assured as Panasonic have applied the same blade-making technique used by Japanese craftsmen to all of their blades.


Stylish design, cutting edge performance and an ergonomic design – Photo courtesy of Panasonic.

The razor can be used wet/dry at your convenience for the times you are in a rush or if you have set aside an hour or so to pamper yourself with a silky smooth foam shave. It is fully washable ensuring a high level of hygiene as well as featuring a rechargeable lithium-ion battery reducing the annoying power chords often attached to some shavers. The wireless element means you can fully charge your shaver before a trip and take it with you. For example when on a weekend break like my recent three nights in Amsterdam.

Minimal and easy to use yet highly effective, there isn’t much more you want from your shaver. Check out the Panasonic website to order one just in time for Christmas, your handsomely, well-shaved self will thank me later!

Should you need any shaving tips using any of the Panasonic range be sure to check out this video here!


Taking care of your skin is important, not only is it important in protecting you from the environment outside but it is a pretty prominent component of your body, covering you from head to toe. Upon meeting someone new you want to be looking fresh and full of life, you do not want to run the risk of having dry skin on your face or clogged pores.


I love their minimalist design, it fits right into my bathroom.

To relieve all of these problems (and more), I turn to the skincare range offered by grüum, ever since I received their range I haven’t been able to stop using it. I now religiously use their daily wash in the shower which leaves my face feeling fresh and smelling great, removing any dry skin. Post-shower I use the face tonic followed by the daily moisturiser to lock in moisture and completely re-hydrate my face. I also use their translucent shave gel which is great for pin-pointing specific areas you always miss out. Take a look at my post about their shave and skincare range here for a more in-depth look.

Another product I have recently become a massive fan of are the body scrubs from Natural Spa Factory. I’ve never used anything of the sort before but always knew there would be something of worth in the body scrub department and I wasn’t wrong! Their Lime and Lemongrass scrub hits the spot and you really feel as though you’ve been thoroughly pampered in what was only a 10 minute shower. Definitely a great stocking filler (if not just for yourself).


Another minimal design that ticks all the boxes and will sort out your skincare woes.


As I have previously mentioned my absolute go-to fragrance is the Terre d’Hermés by Hermés Paris. I use it almost daily as I want to stay smelling on point at all times.


Fresh citrus mixed with woody notes make for an irresistible cologne

Some other notable brands I have used in the past have been Issey Miyake, Just Cavalli and Armani. Don’t forget about deodorant too, my personal choice is a roll-on but there are sprays and balms to choose from also – just make sure they smell great and you’re onto a winner.

Smaller but just as important bits

Nails, they need to be cut and maintained, no-one wants to touch the hands of a man with fingernails the length of a baguette so keep them short! My tool of choice is just a simple set of nail clippers, however I have seen nail scissors and even wire cutters been used in the past.

Lips, you may think rubbing Vaseline on your lips might look feminine but i’m sure your (future) other half would agree dry, cracked lips are not attractive and can be off-putting so get lathering it on – especially in the winter.

Teeth, ensuring good dental hygiene is paramount, regular brushing combined with rinsing and flossing will set you up for success. Just be sure to check in with your dentist regularly to ensure everything is a-OK on a microscopic level – no matter how scary they might be!

Hair, I personally use a high quality shampoo and conditioner with every shower. There’s a reason I don’t have dried out, weak hair and it’s all thanks to my use of these two, mixed in with a little Argan oil now and then for a strengthen. If you use a cheap 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner, or just shampoo alone I would recommend ditching them and invest in something that will actually look after your hair.

Brows, now I’m not saying you have to go and sit in a threading chair and have your eyebrows plucked one-by-one till you get them ‘on fleek’, but I do recommend you keep check on them, particularly in the notorious mono-brow region. We aren’t in the Neanderthal age now, you can’t pull off that look without looking like a slob. Get the tweezers out.


Don’t forget a handy toiletries bag to store it all in, I went for a Ted Baker bag but I have also seen others from Reiss and John Lewis.

I think that just about wraps it up, everything you need to keep yourself well-groomed and ready to steal the show no matter the occasion. People will notice if you’ve made an effort and it will only go in your favour for putting in that extra 30 minutes a week.

Stay on top of it and don’t make a chore, take pride in your appearance!

– Jack


*Some products mentioned are sponsored however I fully stand behind all the brands I showcase and all opinions are completely my own.




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