A Secret Worth Spoiling with Secret Scent Box

Recently I posted about how you should have your own signature fragrance and how important it is for defining you, alongside your style choices. This post was a bit of a preemptive strike as the folks over at Secret Scent Box got in contact and sent over a fragrance box for men.


There’s nothing secret about the broad range of men’s (and women’s) fragrances that are out there. Picking a new scent can often be very overwhelming when confronted with rows upon rows of fragrances claiming to be the one that you need. Well, thankfully Secret Scent Box have stepped in and removed the stress out of your fragrance frolicking.

What have they got to offer? 

They offer men’s and women’s gift boxes so you can treat not only yourself but your significant female other. The box includes 3 randomly selected scents which remain a ‘secret’ until you actually open the box. Personally I love the concept of this, as I said choosing a new fragrance can be daunting due to the huge choice out there, with these monthly subscription boxes the hard work is done for you, you can sample and try new scents that are delivered straight to your door.

Wait, you might be thinking “but you said you should have ONE defining fragrance”.

Yes, that’s true, however, if you aren’t at the point where you know what your signature fragrance is then this service is the perfect option for sampling everything there is out there. With the handy 3ml bottles the fragrance comes supplied in, they allow for up to 30 days worth of use, can easily be taken when you’re on-the-go and are in a small enough quantity that if you like the scent but don’t feel it’s THE ONE, then you can use it up and not be stuck with a huge 100ml bottle on your dresser that will never be used.

So, what was my secret?

My men’s fragrance box came kitted out with 3 fragrances, they were Calvin Klein – Contradiction for him, Paco Rabanne – Pure XS and Ralph Lauren – Safari for men.



My personal favourite was the Calvin Klein, it’s woody scent with ebony and sandalwood base notes with top notes of key lime and clementine (to name a few) was right up my street. That’s not to say I didn’t like the other two however, I’ve used Paco Rabanne – One Million in the past – who hasn’t right? So I am familiar with the brand and this one has myrrh and vanilla base notes with green sap and white thyme top notes making for a classic yet refreshing smell. The Ralph Lauren was very different for me, it’s lemon and cinnamon notes had a very distinctive scent which was light and fresh, this one reminded me of something I would wear during summer or on holiday at night.

I’ve used the sprays myself recently and found the change to be a welcome one from my go-to Hermés cologne. Mixing it up a little never hurt, yes you’re known for your Diesel – only the brave cologne but once you walk in wearing one of the carefully selected fragrances from the Secret Scent Box, people will notice – you might even discover your new signature scent. I’ll be keeping mine for when I’m travelling as they are very airport friendly and won’t take up much space or weight in your luggage.


So as I mentioned, the boxes are for men and women, the boxes are delivered on a monthly basis keeping you stocked up with 3 new fragrances each month containing some of the biggest designer names in the market such as Jimmy Choo, Tom Ford, Gucci and Chanel. Just in time for Christmas a subscription box for a relative or friend could be the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Visit their site over at www.secretscentbox.co.uk to get your subscription underway.

Don’t forget to use my 15% discount code: JACKSULTANA15 at checkout!

It’s a secret worth spoiling.

– Jack

*This article features a promoted product that was sent by a company, however, all opinions are my own

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