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Looking for an all-in-one solution to all of your grooming worries? Look no further, our saviours over at grüum have arrived and they’ve brought a whole bunch of minimal, Scandinavian inspired goodies with them.

Grüum prides itself on providing high-quality products for a fraction of the price, they offer build-your-own kits to tailor to your specific needs, with helpful monthly subscriptions to ensure you’re always topped up on everything you need to stay sharp.


Grooming is something that every male should be doing and they have made it easily accessible to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you have a beard or would like to think you have a beard, like myself, when you are well-groomed, you look more attractive and give off a strong sense of confidence and capability – who doesn’t want that?

I was fortunate enough to be sent their shaving and cleanse kit, personally, as someone who tries to stay minimal and goes for neutral colour schemes with most things in my life, I have to say I LOVE the clean and simple design of their products.


The razor itself is exactly what you want from your shaving gizmo, it is sleek and ergonomic. It has a weight to it which oozes quality and the changing of razor heads is possible in a click of a button.

The deciding factor to any razor is how well it shaves and the grüum razor ticks all of the boxes. I gave the oska razor a test drive, I found that the shave was smooth and I didn’t encounter any nicks or cuts which I usually do using other razors. It cleaned up all of my stubble – even the hard to reach areas next to my nose.

I opted for the silver razor but they have a range of colourways such as grey, blue, yellow or orange if you’re feeling more adventurous than myself. I actually quite like the yellow colour too as it’s so striking but my inner minimalist tamed my desire on this one.


You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about.

As you can see above, I was using a disposable razor when I shaved in the past, it’s clearly a massive upgrade. It’s like comparing a Lamborghini to a wooden go-cart, there’s no competition.

The ‘danne’ shave gel that was provided in the kit also worked very well, it is translucent and doesn’t froth up much meaning you can actually see where you are shaving rather than guessing under a few meters of foam – especially important if you have sensitive areas of skin like spots or cuts. Not to mention the invigorating fragrance of orange, rosemary and eucalyptus, which is a running theme with everything in the grüum range – the fact that they all smell sublime.


The cleanse kit came with a daily face wash, a moisturiser and a facial tonic. I used the face wash whilst in the shower and again was blown away by the scent, the wash left my face feeling clean and refreshed.

Afterwards I used the lightweight moisturiser to re-hydrate my skin which worked a treat, did I mention it smelt great? The facial tonic spray was used post-shower after my shave, which reduced irritation and left my face shine-free.

Grüum also have a range of beard grooming products which are no doubt a treat for the hairier gentlemen, I may never know this realm of grooming with my patchy ‘beard’ – maybe one day, huh? Be sure to check their beard range here.


No nasty chemicals, no artificial colours or fragrances and no animal testing – nailed it.

I honestly don’t have a negative thing to say about them, their products are amazing and their staff were very easy to communicate with – don’t just take my word for it, grüum have amassed a horde of positive feedback over on their review section.

I hope you enjoyed my review and I invite you to go and check out their website over at

Don’t forget to follow this link to claim a free razor!

Happy grüumm’ing! (sorry)

– Jack




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