Brand Showcase – Filling Pieces

It isn’t often that I splash out too much on a pair of trainers but when I stumbled upon the Filling Pieces silhouette I knew I had to get a pair. The brand comes fresh out of Amsterdam which is relevant to me as I was off to Amsterdam a couple of days after purchasing them (you can read about it here).

I went for the blacked out Low Top Checked trainers and i’m so glad that I did, due to the colourway I can get away with combining them with anything. I have mainly been wearing them with my black ripped-knee jeans for a black-on-black look which allows room for any shirt combination up top.

Combining the Filling Pieces with black jeans, black denim Borg collar jacket and a grey Zara long-sleeve. Double denim is fine if it’s black – trust me!

My style is predominantly monochrome, whites, greys and blacks, it may sound boring but the combinations are endless and allow you to wear all sorts of combinations – which is why the all-black Filling Pieces fit like a glove into my wardrobe.

The trainers are very comfortable, I have been able to wear them casually or even dress them up whilst wearing a shirt so they are versatile for all situations. I feel confident wearing them on a night out as the leather material is easy to clean any spillages which is handy when you’re in clubs as people love to throw their drinks around not to mention the low profile of the all-black colourway for those that have a strict dress code – I haven’t been pulled up once whilst wearing them.

Filling pieces are seen as a luxury brand therefore they can be fully dressed up to make a strong statement, not many trainers allow you to do this.


Personally I have found it hard to go back to wearing my other trainers after buying these as I love them that much.

Check them and many more out at

– Jack

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