Restaurant review – Mayur, Liverpool

Tonight we (myself and the better half) decided to spontaneously eat out for the night, we had no idea what cuisine we wanted but decided that Indian food is always a good shout. We took to TripAdvisor to find local Indian restaurants and Mayur, a fine dining Indian restaurant came up as one of the highest rated in Liverpool. After a quick look at the menu and a few visitor pictures we decided it was the one.

We arrived without booking a table and was quickly seen to and sat down at a table, feeling exotic we both decided to order a Coke to drink. Scanning through the plentiful menu I was tempted by a range of foods that I hadn’t even heard of before but I decided to play it safe with the classic Chicken Tikka Massala with pilau rice, a garlic naan and poppadoms to start (just a light bite then…right?!).

Padum with various chutneys – ordered as a starter
Chicken Tikka Masala with a side order of Pilau rice

The food arrived promptly and was nicely presented, the poppadoms to start were served with three chutneys – mint, mango and another which I was unsure of but it was tasty nonetheless (the pink/red one), then the main arrived not long after our starter which was presented in square dishes as seen in the pictures, the curry was tangy and tomato-rich with a hint of spice but not enough that it was overpowering. The pilau rice was served with crispy, fried onion pieces which worked well and gave a slight crunch to the rice.

We both enjoyed the meal and the surroundings inside the restaurant, the food was lovely and the prices were on point for a fine dining restaurant. Mayur is also partnered with Milapfest – an Indian arts development trust, thus a £1.00 donation was added to the bill which we were happy to give to the good cause. Overall, I would recommend visiting this restaurant if you are in the market for an Indian fine dining experience and I would be happy to visit again.

PS – the personalised chocolates were a nice touch at the end of the meal!

Personalised chocolates served with the bill

– Jack

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