Who am I?

Well, you’ve made it onto my blog and I feel it’s only right that I introduce myself. I am Jack Sultana, I graduated this year with a degree in Biology, I am based in Liverpool, England and I love to travel.

‘Insert image of self travelling here’ – Amsterdam, 2017

With most bases of my life covered there, I want to explain what will be on the blog. Firstly as this blog is focused on lifestyle I will document highlights in my life from day-to-day activities to personal holidays and explorations.

I also have a few passions such as dressing well, eating healthy and exercising that I will no doubt make some posts about to share my vast knowledge (or so I think) on the topics. I will also be showcasing some brands that I love and think are doing great things in their specific market. Basically a mixture of everything that goes on within my life will be well documented right here and I want to take you with me through it all.

I would like to think that I live a relatively exciting life and believe I can provide some interesting content for all of my loving fans (soon to be!)

So, thank you for clicking on my blog and be sure to bookmark it and stay updated with me through my journey. Sit back, relax and enjoy (see image below).

Relaxation expert

– Jack

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