3 Rules For Accessorising A Suit

Whether you’ve been invited to a formal event or you just want to wear something a bit more striking for a night on the town, a suit is always a good option. It’s one of those wardrobe staples that never goes out of style, so you should invest a bit of money in a good one. It’s best to go for a tailored suit because the fit is so much better and you’ll look a lot more stylish than you would if you just go for a cheap off the rack suit. It is more expensive but as long as you buy good quality, you’ll get plenty of wear out of it. But buying the right suit is only the first step, if you really want to make the outfit pop, you need to know how to accessorize it properly. These are some of the most important accessorizing tips for formal wear. 

The Tie 

The tie is one of the most important formal wear accessories but a lot of people aren’t really sure how to pick the right one. You could skip the tie altogether if you want a more relaxed look but if you’re going to an event of some kind, it’s probably best to wear one. The kind of tie that you choose really depends on the event that you’re attending and the dress code there. If the occasion calls for a fairly smart look but not overly formal, you can play around with some bolder colors and maybe a small pattern. But if it’s a very formal event, like black tie, you should match the color of the tie to the rest of the suit. 


Watches are a great accessory that is both functional and stylish, and they’re your best opportunity to inject a bit of your own personality into the ensemble. You have more freedom to go for something that’s a bit more out there when choosing a watch, so you want to make a statement. Just like your suit, a good watch will last you a long time and you’ll get a lot of wear out of it, so go for something high quality like a TAG Heuer Indy 500 which looks stylish and really makes a statement. Just remember that you don’t want anything that overpowers the rest of the suit so try to strike a balance and pick something fairly versatile that will work with different color combinations. 


Finally, you need some shoes to go with your suit. You have to be very careful with color because there are some fairly rigid rules about what works. If you’re wearing a black suit, it’s simple because black shoes are the only thing that really works. Navy suits are a bit more flexible and you can get away with black, brown, or burgundy, but if you’re going to a more formal event its best to stick with black and brown. Gray suits are fairly versatile and you can match a lot of different colors of shoes with them, but you need to consider how dark the shade of gray is and work with that. 

As long as you follow these basic rules, you can elevate your suit with accessories and create a stylish look every time.  



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