Dressing Right for a Night on the Town

Most men have a ‘go-to’ outfit for a night out. Usually, it’s a casual shirt, a smart pair of jeans, and a ‘less-scuffed-than-the-others’ pair of trainers. This is a good, solid look – but let’s face it, it lacks a bit of imagination. And it serves to make you blend seamlessly into the crowd when you’re standing at the bar on a Friday evening.

Why does it matter?

It doesn’t, if you’re just going for a swift pint with a mate. But if it’s a big night out, or a date with your partner, it’s nice to make an effort. Experts have discovered a link between dressing well and feeling more self-confident, which is a great reason in itself to do it.

It doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on designer clothes. A bit of creative thinking with your existing wardrobe works just as well. Here are some tips.

How to dress well for a night out

  • Choose a ‘celebrity icon’. Before you get changed, think of a celebrity that you consider to be stylish. Pull up a few images of him on your phone. What is it about his look that you like so much? Can you recreate any aspect of it? You don’t have to copy their style 100%, but sometimes, taking a few ideas from celebrities is a great way forward.
  • Work with your body shape. Body confidence is a great thing, and you should be proud of your body, whatever shape it is. However, work on complementing what you’ve got. For example, if you love your muscly arms, show them off in a short-sleeved top or shirt. Conversely, if you’re paranoid about carrying a bit of weight around your middle, choose a top that doesn’t cling to that area; otherwise you’ll be self-consciously tugging at it all evening.
  • Don’t be afraid of ‘smart’. Smart doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a double-breasted suit or a tie. A casual suit jacket looks great on a night out, providing you choose the right sort of fabric. Steer clear of anything that’s too ‘work-like’, such as pin-stripes or tailoring that’s very sharp. Likewise, a pair of casual suit trousers look great teamed up with a simple crew-neck jumper or t-shirt.
  • Get the details right. It’s the small things that make you stand out (in a good way). The cool wristwatch. The stylish buckle on your belt. The retro trainers. Even details like scent are important. People notice when you’re wearing a designer scent like Dior Sauvage or Aventus Creed.
  • Test it out. Pull out the items at the back of your wardrobe – the ones you haven’t worn in ages. Have a go at trying them on in the mirror. Chances are that you’ll hate some of them (if that’s the case, take them to the charity shop!). But you might just find a total gem in there – a top that works well with your trousers, or a hat that you’d completely forgotten about.



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