Pre-Workout Essentials To Improve Your Fitness Routine

No matter what you do to keep fit, be it sweating it out in a gym or taking a run around the park, you need to factor in your pre-workout essentials. You might not get the desired results from your fitness efforts otherwise, as you might tire, give up quickly, and even injure yourself.

Consider the following and then look for ways to include them in your fitness routine.

#1: Prioritise your sleep

As I suggested in this article, you need to improve your sleeping habits. If you’re regularly partying into the night or staying up late with your Netflix box sets, you will feel less energised the next morning, and your workout will suffer. The requisite amount of sleep is essential then. Not only will you have more energy when you’re lifting weights or sprinting around the park, but before and after your workout, you will be less tempted to eat anything unhealthy (and consequently sabotage your fitness efforts), as sleep keeps your hunger hormones in check. The experts say seven or eight hours sleep a night is optimal for sufficient rest, so get into better sleeping habits if you are currently failing to do so.

#2: Eat and drink something healthy before your workout

Think of your body like a car. It needs the right fuel to keep it going, but if you feed it the wrong type of fuel, it might only break down later. Therefore, be mindful about what you eat. Junk food with no valuable nutritional properties will cause you to feel sluggish, and especially if you eat something high in sugar, you will crash and burn easily mid-workout. So, focus on something light and healthy, such as a protein bar, a banana, or a piece of toast before heading out as you should have sufficient energy to keep you going. When it comes to something to drink, try a protein shake, consider powdered cellucor c4 mixed with water, or have something else that is filled with enough nutritional properties to keep you energised and hydrated.

#3: Remember your warm-up

If you don’t factor in a warm-up before your regular fitness routine, you won’t be as limber when you’re working out. This might increase the chances of cramp as well as more severe injuries when you’re exercising, and that could scupper your workout attempts altogether. Therefore, factor in time for a dynamic warm-up to loosen your limbs and increase your range of motion before you embark on more vigorous exercises. There are some excellent examples here for you to try, so factor in those that are relevant to you to amp up your workout experience.  


By resting sufficiently, eating the right snacks, and warming up your body, you will feel the benefits when working out and consequently maximise your results. We hope these suggestions have been useful to you, but give us a shout with your opinions, and let us know what you do pre-workout to improve your fitness routine.



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