5 Ways to Upgrade Your Car Without Breaking the Bank

Ever since Xzibit presented the highly popular Pimp My Ride back in the ’00s, men (and women!) all over the road have been searching for new ways to enhance their cars. From the ludicrously expensive mods to the cheap and cheerful, there are sorts of things that you can do to ‘pimp your ride,’ and in this article, we are going to look at some of the more inexpensive ways you can give your car a whole new look.

Photo by Charlie Larkman on Unsplash

Car Mats

Pimping the interior of your car is just as important as the outside. Have a look around your house – you have carpets, or other decent flooring don’t you? The purpose is to keep the house clean and to look good, so make sure that your car has the same treatment. They do a pretty outstanding job, keeping the flooring clean from mud, stans, and spills. Look for floor mats that are strong and durable – rubber is always a good option – but that look great as well.

Seat Covers

For some reason, many car manufacturers seem to pay little attention to the finish of the seats, so if you have factory standard seats, the chances are, they’ll be as dull as hell. Put your own stamp on your car by popping on some car seat covers. Choose material that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You’ll also find that they protect your seats, so when you do go to sell your car, your car seats will be immaculate.


Rims can be the make or break of your car. Get them right, and your car will look superb. Get them wrong, and they will look ugly and can even decrease the performance of your car. Wider rims will help with grip and traction when you’re accelerating, turning or braking. Steel rims are more durable, but they’re heavier, and you’re more likely to feel bumps in the road. Aluminum is lighter, which will help to dissipate brake heat better, and will help to conserve fuel. Choose your design and style carefully – if they don’t match your vehicle, they’re going to turn heads for the wrong way.

Car door lights

Even when it’s dark, and your engine is off, you can make sure your car is fully pimped by putting in car door lights. These not only serve an aesthetic purpose, but they’re really quite useful as well, giving you an additional source of light – it might even stop you and your passengers stepping out into a deep muddy puddle!

Window Tints

This is one you need to be careful with, as having your front windows tinted can leave you on the wrong side of the law. Nothing is stopping you having the back window done though, as long as a certain amount of light is coming into the car. It gives you an added bit of privacy and can protect your passengers from the glare of the bright sunlight. Plus, if you have kids, it may even encourage them to take a nap!



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