Common Audi Problems You Should Never Fix Yourself


If you’re only in the market to buy a used Audi, as with any other car, there can be some common maintenance issues. While there are some that are unique to Audis, this doesn’t stop you from enjoying the car, but with Audis, there are some specific issues that are worth keeping an eye out for.

Oil Leaks

In an Audi, an oil leak can result from two things, the camshaft tensioner or the valve cover gasket. You can get some more detailed information on but the common solution is a replacement of the part. Depending on your budget, this can be quite a stretch. A camshaft tensioner can cost around $300 at most, while the valve cover gasket can be up to $350. Oil leaks are common in any car but in an Audi, at least you’ve only got two prime suspects.

Electrical Issues

It can be a common issue with all Audis, especially as some owners have reported the digital dashboard display has failed on them. Luckily, Audi provides warranty cover, which means you don’t have to fix the issue yourself. It’s a very simple procedure, where you replace the components with OE equipment.

Catalytic Converter Failure

This is something that a mechanic needs to look at. The reason a catalytic converter fails is due to carbon build-up or clogging which solidifies and provides a blockage in the exhaust flow. The underlying reason can be hard to find, and replacing the catalytic converter can only provide short-term respite. But what you can do is keep the engine fine-tuned, and ensure the car is regularly maintained so that the catalytic converter doesn’t fail.

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Loose Fuel Caps

Has your mileage been particularly low recently? If so, you might be surprised that a loose fuel cap is the culprit. If you don’t tighten them properly after refueling, this can cause fuel to seep out, but also, you may find that you may find yourself driving around without a fuel cap one day! And if you’re looking for any additional parts, there are websites like that provide an abundance of essentials. But it’s always worth you getting into the habit of tightening the fuel cap every time you replace it after refueling.

Ignition Coil Failure

This is the single most common mechanical problem in an Audi. If your engine misfires, it’s likely the ignition coil is the reason behind it. The best way to fix this is to install good quality spark plugs, but also ensure the engine is tuned to the factory specifications.

Sometimes we can think we are more than capable of fixing the issue ourselves, but when it comes to an Audi, we can’t just get under the hood and start pulling at things. When there are problems such as this, it’s vital that you go to a mechanic, or approach someone that has the know-how. Sometimes the issue can be very basic for them, but complex for us! And while we think it’s best to save some money now and again, if we end up taking out the wrong thing, we may end up paying a lot more in repairs than we originally thought!



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