Neutral Tone Menswear Mastery: Everlane

Over the past couple of months I’ve began to move towards incorporating more neutral tones into my wardrobe. I would like to think I’m well underway with my minimal monochromatic style but I missed colour.

I started by purchasing a camel overcoat. This swiftly took over my infamous black overcoat and this set the trend moving forward. I’ve been looking to add more versatile yet durable pieces into my wardrobe that stay true to this new-found minimal, monochrome yet neutral style I’m going for.

Thankfully, The folks at Everlane have helped me out by gifting me a couple of items from their Menswear range. I’ve shown how I would personally style them and wrote about the items too.

*This post contains gifted clothing from Everlane with affiliate links*

Traceability and Sustainability

Firstly, before I get into the details of the items I received I want to highlight the importance of the sustainability work Everlane is working to achieve. Their clothing can be traced back to the exact factory the garments were made in. In the modern-age of clothing, traceability can be an issue. With the increased demand sometimes comes a lower regards for the workers making the clothes. Because of this, Everlane have this in mind and give you an insight into the conditions of their factories as well as a breakdown of employee numbers and treatment. Hats-off to them for this.

The Ochre Chore Jacket: The Neutral Go-To

I’ve seen these allover Instagram this Fall/Winter season. I knew I needed to get my foot in the neutral work-wear game. The Everlane Chore Jacket in the Ochre colourway is exactly what I needed. Tough, durable yet still light enough to carry through to the spring season. I have found it to be somewhat of a halfway between a shirt and a heavier jacket (dare I say shacket?). The quality is really built to last, taking inspiration from classic work-wear the jacket fits the bill.

The neutral sandy colour makes for easy pairing. As I mentioned, I’m opting for a more minimal wardrobe. Pieces like these fit seamlessly with other neutrals and earthy tones, making outfit selection a breeze. I like how the jacket can be worn casually or dressed up a little.

Here I have paired the jacket with a simple plain white t-shirt, black jeans and white Nikes. Giving off a casual streetwear vibe. If i wanted to switch it up on the other hand, I could opt for a pair of black boots (think Dr Martens) and green chinos, though I own neither it is an idea. This is definitely a jacket you’re going to see me wearing a lot more even as spring creeps it’s way in.

The White Rugby Shirt

I think the only rugby shirt I’ve ever owned was my high school P.E shirt which was in fact a rugby style shirt. When I stumbled across this on the Everlane website I was intrigued. I thought that this would make a perfect spring/summer item. The white colourway will be keep me cool when (if) the sun makes an appearance and once again be paired with most items I own.

I like the preppy look of a rugby shirt. It offers a little more than the traditional long-sleeve polo shirt (which I also love). I works well as a layering piece under a jacket but looks great on it’s own too. The hidden buttons on the collar are a nice touch, displaying only the top button adds to the details of the garment and sets it apart from other brands.

Coming in at $40 (around £30) you’re getting a functional and versatile piece that will stand by the chore jacket and last you years. This is something that I’ve started to take more notice of, the quality vs. quantity arguement. The quality is definitely there with Everlanes’ clothing and should you wish you can attain the quantity as their pricing is very fair.

Shop the look:

Be sure to check out Everlane’s website for more of their menswear items. They have a fantastic range and some really cool pieces. Look out for my posts on my Instagram featuring the items!



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