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Vegan. We’ve all heard this word in the past couple of years. By definition, a vegan is someone that abstains from the consumption/use of animal products. They take a lot of stick from a lot of people. Some can shove it in your face but most that I’ve met are intelligent and are willing to share knowledge – if you’ll listen. I’ve started to take heed and incorporate more practices into my own life. This includes some help from the folks over at Herbalife Nutrition and their vegan range.

*This article features gifted products from Herbalife Nutrition*

Why have I decided to make the changes?

I’ve dabbled in the area for a couple of years. I even tried going pretty much fully vegan one summer. I didn’t mind it, I felt more energized and better in myself (could be a placebo of doing an ‘ethical thing’). It was an experiment to see the effects, not a long-term commitment. But I learnt some things from trying it out.

One of the most important lessons I learnt was that I saw things from the vegan perspective. On one hand, you see them receiving so much hate from clueless self-proclaimed’ carnivores. However, when you look deeper, particularly the more clued-up vegans, they’re onto something. A shift towards a more veggie diet is going to happen in the future whether you think so or not.

How do I know this?

Watch a couple of documentaries on the topic and you’ll start to understand more. Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy and Earthlings are pretty heavy hitting ways to get going. So many scientific studies are funded by conflicting interests for example journals funded by milk companies. Who tell you that drinking milk is good for you, despite numerous peer-reviewed journals highlighting the dangers of dairy. In addition, studying Human Nutrition for my masters has only expanded my knowledge. Worryingly, the course has highlighted how a massive change needs to be made to our diets and the way food is made. With experts in nutrition suggesting that if we don’t make a shift towards more of a vegetarian diet the health of our planet is going to suffer irreversible damage by 2050. That’s only 31 years away.

What changes have I made and how can you too?

Like many people I know, I have begun to cut my animal product consumption. I used to have meat nearly every day. Now I can comfortably say I have it maybe 2-3 times a week. It’s so much simpler than people might tell you. The vegan food market is booming and new products are coming onto the shelves of supermarkets in the masses. A few changes I’ve made are substituting chicken for marinated tofu, dairy milk for coconut milk and ditching tuna pasta and opting for more falafel wraps.


How have Herbalife helped me to make some healthier vegan choices?

Herbalife Nutritions’ vegan range makes it easy to still get your essential supplements without the consumption of animal products.Firstly, their new-generation Formula 1 shakes contain a high protein content (perfect for athletes), vitamin D and vitamin B12 (a crucial vitamin for vegans). I’ve found the new-generation F1 shake a good replacement for conventional whey protein. Whey is a by-product of the dairy industry.

Fibre and Stimulation

Secondly, they also offer an easy way to increase your fibre intake. It arrives in the form of their Oat Apple Fibre. Many people don’t consume enough fibre. Fibre is essential for feeding your gut bacteria to ensure normal digestive function (another truth bomb learnt on my course). Herbalife also offer an alternative to your high-calorie caffeine kick in the morning. The Instant Herbal Tea contains 85mg of caffeine. With only 6kcal a serving, this should leave you guilt free for your macro intake!


Finally, I’ve mentioned it many times, but hydration is crucial. Luckily, Herbalife Nutrition have got you covered if you don’t like drinking plain water. The Herbal Aloe Concentrate makes drinking water more enjoyable. Made from real aloe leaf, the citrus flavour will be sure to get you filling up your flask more often.

Wider influence from the small vegan changes I’ve made

With the small dietary changes I’ve made, I’ve noticed a few knock-on effects in other aspects of my life. I try to recycle when I can, I’ve found myself being more conscious with leaving lights/appliances on and re-using items when possible. Because of this, my water bottles are always either glass or steel. In addition to this, health benefits aside from not drinking from potential chemically infiltrated water, the reduction of a constant flow of plastic bottles being thrown after each use is a small impact that if everyone followed suit would have a massive impact.

I’d definitely recommend looking more into the topic, looking at alternatives for foods/products you use and see if you can make more of a positive impact on your consumption. Be sure to check out Herbalife Nutrition and their vegan range as I’m sure they have something that will benefit your nutritional intake. Take more of an active interest in your nutrition and lifestyle, you’ll only benefit from it – maybe you’ll help a few others on the way too!




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